100 Word Song – Are You Experienced?


What follows is my response to Lance Burson’s 100 Word Song challenge this week: Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced?” 


Lightning flashed beyond the dirt caked windows one final time. A peal of thunder rolled away as a boulder down a distant slope and then, silence. Kurt shuddered, sitting on the cold, tile floor, his arms around his knees, as a warmth began spreading through his shoulders into his chest, his heart, his mind.

“It really will be alright now, I promise,” a soft voice whispered nearby. In Kurt’s ears it sounded like bells. “You have experienced a terrible, awful nightmare, but that’s all it was, a dream.”

Kurt opened his eyes to the bright, golden light flooding the room.




13 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Are You Experienced?

  1. One of, if not your best 100 words ever. The first sentence is perfect. Yoru sensory words are off the charts. Leeroy is going to love this. Thank you for playing such a good 100.

  2. I can feel the panic and the fear and it feels like more than just a dream. It reminds me of the patients in the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” after they’ve had a round of shock treatment.

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