100 Word Challenge: List







The emotions hit me rapid fire and though I know somehow I watched the building go down as I stood on a cliff high above the city I was still in it.

As the shoreline roiled and waves overtook the rubble of the tower sirens wailed. A cacophony of horns and alarms blasted out through the dark and the rain and then, impossibly, I began to rise up out of the lagoon.

You wouldn’t have recognized me. Gone was the suit and tie. In fact, gone was my humanity. I had become The Creature!


100 Word Challenge
“Using “list” for inspiration, write 100 Words, no more, no less.” Link back to that post, or leave your submission in the comment section there.

100 Word Challenge: Dream

The suits milled about, oddly calm, the rumbling sounds of thunder and a mild tremor underfoot creating only a low murmur of concerned voices. The bank of windows, darkened by night and driving rain lit up with intermittent streaks of lightning casting erratic, jerking shadows across the floor.

As pairs began to form, a ladder carrier with a rope holder, and the suits streamed up to the roof for rescue, I began to panic. Every pairing seemed to come together slightly faster than I could move. Every suit made it out of the now crumbling building but me. I died.


100 Word Challenge

Using “dream” for inspiration, write 100 Words, no more, no less, then link back to this post, or leave your submission in the comment section. Remember to keep spreading the love with supportive comments for your fellow wordsters.