New Year, same old story

It’s 2021, I just had my 48th birthday, and seditious traitors, followers of the worst President in US history just stormed, were allowed inside, and occupied/vandalized the US Capitol. Oh, did I mention there’s a potentially deadly virus rampaging across the globe? The US just hit a new record for daily deaths at over 4k yesterday. Dystopian doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Meantime, I’m expected to continue doing my mundane sales job, and to try and care about office supplies, printers, toner cartridges, and “business solutions” as if I haven’t had to work from home since March (I love *that* part by the way, I hope I never have to return to the office) while seeing my customers lose jobs, their purchasing decline, and my paychecks practically disappear. Note to self: you should’ve listened to your gut 20 years ago and never taken a commission only job. Too late!

And I’m white! So really, my life is exponentially better than roughly 40% of the US population, by default! I’ve never felt so sad/mad/depressed/hopeless by the state of my world, despite having (so far) a mostly healthy family, a roof over our head, and food on the table. I somehow manage to pay to stay connected to the Internet and have computers, smart phones, and streaming services to occupy our time as we maintain strict safety rules for ourselves, while growing increasingly tired of being required to stay home while those who have ZERO care for anyone but themselves forgo rules & regulations because that somehow infringed upon their “rights.”

I can’t even put into words everything I’m feeling right now, not coherently anyway. But as I said, New Year, same old story, I hope/plan to do more writing this year, and now seemed as good a time as any to at least put a drop in the bucket.

If I haven’t scared you off, please feel free to interact with me regarding any of my writings here. I’ll post them regardless, but it’s always more fun to interact with folks than to yell into the void 😉

Finally Friday, Jan. 10th Edition

I’m trying something new, a weekly post. Let’s see how long I can keep up with it!

I am part of a group here at work we call the Marketing Content Team. We focus on making a connection between Work & Life in the spirit of broadening the reach of our brand through various media: blog posts, videos, and audio from our podcast that we share across multiple social media platforms. We were talking yesterday about how the average length of blog posts (in general, based on actual statistics) has grown over the last few years, and about how most successful blogs have a focus. It won’t work if you try to cover everything.

Not sure what it means to be successful at blogging, but I’m guessing it means you have a lot of readers or subscribers, and possibly it helps you make money? I don’t have a lot of either happening here, and perhaps it’s because I don’t have a specific topic I focus on. I think that’s because I’m interested in a lot of different things and have many opinions on them to share. I respect my readers/subscribers and I’m grateful for your input and interaction, but at the end of the day I believe I’m still writing these posts for me. I do wish I’d get more questions, responses, or arguments from readers, but I don’t think it will determine whether I continue doing this or not.

On to continuing to blog about pretty much anything & everything!

In the off chance you’re not following me on Goodreads, here’s what I’m currently reading/trying to finish:


Half a War (Shattered Sea, #3)


The Massacre of Mankind


The Blues won last night

as they should have against a far inferior Buffalo Sabers team. They’ve got a young Captain, center Jack Eichel, who is the kind of player I’d probably root for when he’s not playing the Blues. He scored a goal and really looked like he was getting frustrated his team was getting spanked, probably knowing he was one of only a few good players and couldn’t do everything himself. The Blues won 5-1

The Cardinals made a trade

Yes, I’m still a baseball fan, and while the Cardinals get mentioned in conversations about blockbuster deals and potential trades, their ownership/management seldom seems willing to buck up for the marquee players. Yes, they made a deal last winter for Paul Goldschmidt, a bonafide star, but they’ve been few and far between since Albert Pujols left all those years ago. The club seems content to make money hand over fist, be near the top of the attendance numbers every season, but not, from the fans’ perspectives, do whatever it takes to be a championship team again.



Image result for JOSE MARTINEZ

Image Credits: Creator: Dilip Vishwanat Credit: MLB Photos via Getty Images Copyright:2019 Major League Baseball Photos


That said, they traded Jose Martinez, a fan & clubhouse favorite, and rookie Randy Arozarena, to Tampa Bay for lefthanded pitching prospect Matt Liberatore. He’s a very highly touted/rated prospect, but it’s the offense that failed them in the playoffs last season, so every is still scratching their heads about what the organization might (hopefully) do to improve in that regard. Yes, there’s a blockbuster out there waiting to happen- Colorado 3B Nolan Arenado is likely to be traded this winter, one of the best at the position- and some think this deal could be a precursor to the Cards making a big move, but I doubt it happens.

That’s it for today. I could rant for hours about the dumbest president in our nation’s history, the lies, his sycophantic cabinet (I’m looking at your stupid face, Mike Pompeo) and the most evil person in Washington D.C. (Mitch McConnell for those not keeping score) but I won’t. Have a great weekend!

Missed it by a MILE

Weird saying for referring to a timely deadline that has nothing to do with actual distance. Anyway, what was I saying about posting something every day? Yeah, let’s just ignore that and move forward. I guess I really don’t have that much to say.

Nothing good anyway, at least not every day. Especially when the morons supposedly leading this country are apparently trying to send us into a war with Iran. Brutal wake up call for all Americans that something must be done to remove this idiotic despot from the White House or we’re not simply talking about the end of Democracy, we’re potentially staring down the barrel of World War 3. Think I’m being dramatic? Then it’s already too late for you. I’m not ready to lay down and allow the greedy, manipulative, misogynistic, white supremacist assholes win yet.

Well that was a lighthearted way to start the day, huh? How about hockey? Games? Birthdays? Celebrated mine recently, and I must say, 47 doesn’t feel anything like what I expected, though to be fair, I’ve no idea what I figured it would be. I’m just me, and I sorta still feel like an immature kid, albeit one with kids of his own, a 9-5 job, stress, physical ailments, bills, debt, and all the other bullshit adulthood carries. It’s fun right? Just try, as I have, to find an incredible person to share it with, mind body and soul, and we’ll be okay. I think.

Here’s 3 things that I’m thinking of right this minute:

The Blues hung on to beat the Sharks last night

by a score of 3-2, despite going 0-for-3 on the Power Play and looking awful with the man advantage in the process. Defenseman Niko Mikkola made his NHL debut and was very solid, I thought, for his first major league action. Jordan Binnington looked every bit the star who backstopped the Blues to their first Stanley Cup last season (they went through the Sharks to do so) on the anniversary of the night that started that amazing run:

View image on Twitter

Our boys have too many LEGO bricks!

and we want our living room back! We don’t have a lot of space at home, and while it would be great if they had a playroom to spread out in, it’s just not happening right now. Despite my best (futile) efforts to sort and store bricks by color, everything ends up jumbled after a couple of hours play, and while we do have storage bins to the bricks, there seems to either be a new bin filled up every time we turn around, or bricks end up in shoe boxes, backpacks, and everywhere else a 4yo can stuff them. I’m seriously thinking of getting into this new program LEGO introduced in the US this past year, LEGO Replay:

Old guys play D&D too

and not just famous ones. Actor Joe Manganiello has been very vocal and public about his love for Dungeons & Dragons, even taking inspiration from the tabletop gaming aesthetic to launch his own clothing line, Death Saves. I could include a bunch of links to Joe’s stuff but I’ll just include this one, from

I mention this because while 42 (Joe) and 47 (me) aren’t exactly over the hill, I think there’s still a negative stigma when older folk play games. Maybe it’s in my head, but I’m as excited today as I was 35 years ago to play D&D and will finally get the chance later this month. I very good friend of mine who has moved back to St. Louis wants to run a game and I’m so looking forward to playing again. For those of a like mind, you can see the new character I’m starting over at D&D Beyond


My Favorite Hockey Players To Wear Each Number 0-99

Note: I just noticed today that I started this post on July 19 *last year* and thought I’d go ahead and finish it. I left the intro for irony’s sake. My attitude changed slightly too, since I started it, and I did end up skipping some numbers. Oh well


Hey! It only took me 9 months to write another post, wow, I’m getting good at this. Today’s post was inspired by an article of interest over at Fansided’s Puck Prose page where they list the best player to wear each number in NHL history. I’ve only been lucky enough to watch hockey for about 3 decades, so many of the earlier, notable players were before my time, but I figured I could probably find a favorite to wear each, if not most, numbers on the list, whether considered among the best or not. Here we go (and yes, this took forEVER)

Except for 0 (zero) because I’ve never heard of the only guy to ever wear it so…

1: Mike Liut, one of the first Blues I can remember, goalie from the 1980’s

2: Al MacInnis, easy choice, one of the best ever, still with the organization

3: Al Arbour, obviously never saw him play, but he’s the link between Blues & Islanders

4: Marc Bergevin. the original Bergie. Terrible GM now, but hilarious on the ice

5: Barrett Jackman, hope he continues working with young Blues players

6: Phil Housley, got his autograph once in the parking lot of the old barn

7: “Big Walt” Keith Tkachuk, one of my favorite players ever

8: Mark Recchi, one of the few non-Blues on my list

9: Gordie Howe, greatest of all-time

10: Pavel Bure, one of the greatest Russians I’ve ever seen play

11: Brian Sutter, probably my favorite Blues coach too

12: Adam Oates, had he stayed with Hullie, both would’ve lifted the Cup with the Blues

13: Pavel Datsyuk, despite playing for arch-rival Detroit, hard not to love his game

14: Geoff Courtnall, wish he’d been a Blue earlier in his career

15: Stanley Cup Champion Robby Fabbri

16: “The Golden Brett” Brett Hull, obviously

17: Basil McRae, a face only a mother could love

18: “The Twister” Tony Twist, toughest guy I’ve ever seen on the ice

19: Brendan Shanahan, because I’ve already got 1 Red Wing on this list 😉

20: Stanley Cup Champion Alexander Steen #GOBLUES

21: Peter Forsberg, one of my generation’s greatest players

22: Mike Bossy, many of you may not know I’m an Islanders fan

23: Craig MacTavish, a classic

24: Bernie Federko, Blues Hall of Famer

25: Dave Andreychuk, a true NHL workhorse

26: Peter Stastny, I liked him far more than I liked Paul

27: Stanley Cup Champion Alex Pietrangelo

28: Bob Bassen, Bobby B!

29: Stanley Cup Champion Vince Dunn (there may be a pattern here)

30: Martin Brodeur, wish he’d stayed with the Blues management

31: Curtis Joseph (CuJo!)

32: Mike Eastwood (most of the NHL “greats” who wore this # were assholes)

33: Patrick Roy, I had the luck to grow up watching the 2nd generation of greatest goalies

34: Murray Baron, stalwart of the Blues lean years

35: Brent Johnson, my 1st Blues jersey

36: J.J. Daigneault, another smooth, brief, Blues blue-liner, plus, just a cool name

37: Eric Desjardins, French-Canadian, defenseman, from my other favorite Eastern team

38: Pavol Demitra, RIP 😦

39: Doug Weight, another vet with a brief Blues stint, almost said Dominik Hasek

40: Fred Brathwaite, breifly a Blues goalie, good guy

41: Stanley Cup Champion Robert Bortuzzo

42: Former Blues Captain David Backes

43: Patrice Brisbois, another guy who I came to know & love thanks to NHL ’93 (game)

44: Chris Pronger, probably my favorite player of all-time

45: at this point I stop picking guys just because they played for the Blues, I got nothing

46: Roman Polak, the door’s been opened, and now I love to see the Blues beat him

47: Rich “the pylon” Pilon, maybe the slowest player ever to play in the NHL?

48: Scott Young, part of the last Blues team that shoulda won the Cup (before they did)

49:Stanley Cup Champion Ivan Barbashev

50: I’ll say Stanley Cup Champion Jordan Binnington, because the Cup

51-52: did you know no Blues player has ever worn these numbers?

53-54: these were worn but by nobodies 

55: Stanley Cup Champion Colton Parayko

56: Sergei Zubov, a legend

57: Stanley Cup Champion David Perron (3rd time WAS a charm)

58: Dan Hinote, tough not to like the guy once he was on “your”team

59: nope

60: another one no Blues player has worn (Vladi Sobotka wore it in BUF after The Trade)

61: Corey Stillman, another guy who should’ve helped the Blues win more

62: Ollie Jokinen, have you seen his face? lol

63: zilch

64: Stanley Cup Champion Sammy Blais

65: Erik Karlsson, not really a fan, but I respect his status as one of the best

66: Mario Lemieux, no contest

67: nada

68: Jaromir Jagr, another no brainer

69: heh, hehe

70: Stanley Cup Champion Oskar Sundqvist

71: Evgeni Malkin, beast

72: Matheiu Schneider, one-time Islander, gotta be one of the best US born players

73: Kenny Agostino, the kind of guy you figure will return to hurt the Blues someday

74: T.J. Oshie, still a fan, had to leave to win It

75: Ryan Reaves, Reavo will always be a fan-favorite in St. Louis

76: P.K. Subban, hated him playing v. the Blues, but he’ll kill it in NJ

77: Pierre Turgeon (I wasn’t a huge Ray Bourque fan)

78: Beau Bennett? Nice guy, had a cup of coffee with the Blues

79: Alexei Yashin, one of the Russian standouts from the 1990’s

80: Geoff Sanderson, mostly just because I like to say Gee-Off

81: Miroslav Satan, what a name!

82: Stanley Cup Champion Zach Sanford, barely counts though, he switched to #12

83-84: no Blues, nobody else I really even know

85: Petr Klima, sick mitts

86: Nikita Soshnikov, really thought he’d contribute for the Blues

87: Sidney Crosby, hard not to like the Kid

88: Eric Lindros, maybe my 2nd favorite player ever

89: Alexander Mogilny, another ’90’s Russian sniper

90: Stanley Cup Champion, Conn Smythe & Selke Trophy winner Ryan O’Reilly

91: Stanley Cup Champion Vladimir Tarasenko

92: yeah, no

93: Petr Nedved, another classic, one-time Blues player

94-96: zero interest in anyone who wore these numbers

97: I’m including Jeremy Roenick here, one of my LEAST favorite players ever

98: Brian Lawton was the only player to ever wear this one, never heard of him

99: and of course, Wayne “The Great One” Gretzky, who did play part of one season with the Blues, and who ultimately committed the turnover that led to their playoff ouster. The last game he’d play for them. Thanks for nothing, Gretz! 😉



Office Essentials St. Louis Technology Spotlight: Boosa Tech

This is a post I originally wrote for my company’s blog. The original can be found HERE and through the many links below the article

St. Louis Technology Spotlight: Boosa Tech

These days nearly everyone we live with, work with, or randomly encounter throughout our day has a mobile phone. We use them to do business, to maintain our calendars, for email, to take pictures and videos, to keep up with our social media and even occasionally to make calls! As such integrated parts of our lives, we rely on our phones to always be working- that is, we count on their batteries to never let us down. We’ve all experienced the dreaded “Low Battery!” alert at inopportune times. What can you do to prevent it happening and ruining your day?

Chris Reimer, friend to OE, author, Director of Creative Services at Maryville University, and now entrepreneur, took matters into his own hands and started his own company, BOOSA TECH. BOOSA is a portable power device designed exclusively to keep your mobile phone charged and ready for whatever your day brings.

We had the chance to speak to Chris about BOOSA TECH, and I asked Chris to speak a little on why we have such a need for something like BOOSA in our lives:

Chris Reimer: “As a marketer, I’m just always burning both of my phones (work & personal) down to zero pretty much every day. When you think about what our phones provide us, even if you’re not a marketer, everything from finding our way with maps to the ability to board an airplane, to mobile payments, voice recording, not to mention phone calls, social media, email- we can make art on them- it’s just so amazing the things we can do with our phones. They provide a connection to the things we love, our families, photography, your work, and it’s just a necessity to be able to stay online.”

“So, to be able to do my work and not have to worry whether it’s new and the battery is strong and you’re still burning the battery down because you use it all day OR you’ve already got your 300 cycles in on your battery and it’s just not what it used to be. Low battery anxiety is a real thing for people. You can pay $1000 for your phone so why not spend an extra $33 with BOOSA and really never, ever have to worry about a dead phone again.”

Chris had a wonderful, real-life example of putting the BOOSA to use:

Chris Reimer: “Tonight, I’m doing a Facebook Live here at work for a veterans event we have on campus where we’re going to have representatives from several large companies who are veterans come in and speak about tips on finding jobs when they come back to the States and want to re-enter the workforce. We can put it on Facebook Live and instantly share it with veterans all over the country, but I’m going to be doing a live video for two hours, and that could burn my phone down. So, my phone’s going to be on a tripod and BOOSA will be taped to that tripod and I’ll be live the whole two hours and nothing’s going to happen to my phone and I’ll finish at 100% battery!”

Knowing there were many portable charging devices already in the marketplace, Chris really focused on finding something that had all the features important to him to set it apart from the competition. One thing I really liked about it is BOOSA is not big and bulky (it’s about the same size as your phone) so it’s easy to carry alongside your device and BOOSA starts itself when you plug in, which can be a lifesaver:

Chris Reimer: “So for instance, when you plug in the thing [your phone] turns itself on, then people forget to turn on their power banks and they go back later and nothing happened and their phones are actually down. That is incredibly frustrating. It’s literally a design flaw. Some turn themselves on and some don’t. Some have USB-C and some don’t, some are relatively good looking and others completely ugly. I’m not an inventor, I just wanted to create one that would try to include the best of everything and the worst of nothing. The USB-C port is really important. It doubles as an output, but it’s also an input, you can use it to charge the BOOSA itself.”

Finally, we joked a bit about the fact so many portable charging devices have, among varying numbers of USB ports (and sometimes USB-C ports) a flashlight! Maybe your lights go off when your phone battery runs out? I don’t know, but it’s very common and Chris actually had a very practical reason why BOOSA does NOT have one:

Chris Reimer:“What happens in a lot of people’s bags, you throw your power bank in and the flashlight accidentally turns on and burns the power down, which is bad, not to mention, they can never put one on a portable charger that’s remotely as bright as the one on your phone. We have older ones at home, goodness knows who made them, and they might get used as flashlights but not as power packs. It’s not bad, it’s just a matter of “what is the point?” For me, typically, I’ll ask the question, what’s the point of this? Why is this here? So when we’re thinking of design or use scenarios there has to be a reason for it to be there. Anytime someone is going to be using a flashlight either around the house, or you know, like the 21st-century version of putting your lighter up at a concert or whenever, you’re going to use your phone. So, we’re not going to have a flashlight on BOOSA.”

There you have it, no useless feature on BOOSA, and you can see it in all its glory, along with a ton of wonderful video FAQ answers on the BOOSA TECH website:

  • Sean Jeffries
    Sean Jeffries, Business Development Manager;  Sean has over 14 years of experience selling hardware and technology solutions for business and has been building his own PCs for at least that long. He enjoys being among the first to adopt and experiment with new technology, PC gaming, and teaching his kids how to integrate and enjoy tech at home as well.
How to Get Permanent Marker Off of a Dry Erase Board

Jimmy Choo to Jimmy’s Poo; The wonderful world of Office Odors!

Writing Prompt: 15-Sentence Portrait Poem

adult anger angry angry face

Photo by Pixabay on

Let me start by saying it seems impossible to me that I’ve not posted anything here (ie. I’ve not written anything more than a Tweet) in A YEAR. What? Good grief. Anyway, on to the substance!

I found this from an archived post by the wonderful Jeri Walker and thought it might be fun (and potentially revealing!) to give it a go. It wasn’t implied that it be a self-portrait, but that’s where my head went. While this is something very different than what’s usually here, I hope someone enjoys reading it. I liked writing it.



I think sometimes I will always be angry.

I don’t look good in red so why does my face so often show it?

Am I an old steam powered boiler, destined to burst as the pressure increases?

Knowing is half the battle, but so where is the outline for how to handle the other half?

It doesn’t exist, the way isn’t paved.

Most days I just want my shirt to fit better.

I hope my children remember me not as just angry, but passionate and deeply caring.

Bears aren’t always mean, right Yogi?

Grumpy grizzlies gradually grow into grey grumbling grandpas.

I want, more than anything, to smile by default.

Red should be associated with baseball on the TV and the smell of brats on the grill.

With my wonderful family all so close I really should be happy as a clam.

I want that. Angry isn’t who I am.




Procrastination, Blues Hockey, etc.

If you don’t care about hockey you may want to stop reading now. I’m a fanatic and may get into details you couldn’t care less about. Come back another day for more random writing.


“It’s finally time to officially start another season of Blues hockey! They’re on national TV tonight to open the 2017-18 NHL season with a tough draw against the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins and while I’m slightly disappointed we won’t get our local TV broadcast for the first game, mostly I’m just glad hockey’s back.”

I wrote those words back on October 4th, two weeks ago today. I figured I’d put together a quick post outlining my feelings on where the Blues were as they came out of camp and were ready to hit the ice for the new regular season. Every year I think of a lot of stuff to say about the Blues, music, food, life in general really, and make big plans in my head about how much I’m going to write only to find a million other things to do instead. That leads us, comically, to today, when I finally publish this post.

The Blues started off like gang-busters winning their first four games, only to stumble in Florida, at the end of a long road-trip. They’re (finally) back in action tonight, at home, against their biggest rival, the Chicago Blackhawks, after having three days off since they last played. I usually bitch about breaks like that- more than 2 days is just ridiculous- but the banged-up Blues desperately needed the time off. It’s sad, in a way, they needed is so early in the season but that’s just reality. We’ll find out later this morning if injured forward, Alexander Steen, will make his season debut tonight.

My expectations for the Blues are relatively low this season. I’m predicting a finish in the middle-bottom of the Conference standings and a fight for one of the last playoff spots. Their hot start hasn’t changed my mind, though, as we started to see some familiar problems rear their ugly heads: too many men penalties/lack of scoring from the forwards/failure to score on the power play/losing late leads. We’ve seen these issues trip them up over and over again for 2-3 seasons now. Things were supposed to be different, better, under new leadership.

It’s WAY too early to make any sweeping generalizations about the team and where they’ll finish this season, but the trends are still unsettling. One area that will be a concern throughout the campaign is goaltending; Can Jake Allen be “the guy” for St. Louis and carry the load? Is he going to rise to another level? He looked rusty in pre-season but by Game 2 (v. Dallas) he was quite sharp and has looked good. Like the team in general, is he too inconsistent? Can backup Carter Hutton push him enough to be outstanding? Hutton looked great in his start, better than I expected.

The Blues played only one Western opponent over their first two weeks so tonight’s match-up with Chicago looms large despite the early date BUT the Shithawks  Blackhawks are a point ahead and we wont see them again until March, so a win tonight would be a nice statement, especially with so many ‘Hawks fans in “our” building. Bandwagon fans tend to travel well.

Here’s hoping the Blues don’t procrastinate like I do and put off fixing their struggling power play until they’ve fallen back to reality and down the division standings. Some things (early streaks, I’m looking at you, Vegas) just don’t last and it’s a long season. I pledge to myself to write more, put things off less often, and not get too worked up about Blues losses until at least December. Yeah, good luck with that.


100 Word Challenge – Books

The NYT Best Seller when I was born, in January 1973, was “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” by Richard Bach, published three years earlier. I’ve never read it or been interested in reading it, but I’m prompted to now by a post from a friend and fellow blogger.


According to Goodreads the “best” book to be released in the year of my birth is the wonderful, “The Princess Bride,” by William Goldman. Other notable titles published in 1973 include Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions,” “A Wind in the Door,” the second book of Madeline L’Engel’s fantastical Time Quintet series, and “Gravity’s Rainbow,” by Thomas Pynchon.

This post was prompted by the 100 Word Challenge from Thin Spiral Notebook:

“Using “books” for inspiration, write 100 Words – 100 exactly – no more, no less. You can either use the word – or any form of the word – as one of your 100, or it can be implied.” Click the link and follow Tara’s instructions to include your own post.


Well dangit, I couldn’t even make it a week writing every day, oh well. Yesterday was just too busy. I suppose if I was worried about it I could stockpile a bunch of posts and have them scheduled to drop each day. I’m not though and that would somehow detract from the purpose of the writing I think. Whatever.

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to me! I say that not in blatant self-promotion, reaching and grasping for public attention, but only to note that this is the day I was born 44 years ago and it makes me reflective. Do I feel 44? What’s that supposed to feel like? Is this where I thought I’d be when I made it this far? Did I ever really think about it? Do I remember what I thought about it? mirror

I’m not having any existential crisis, just thinking about these (and other) questions. I should probably reflect more often but today seemed like a good day for it. I’m so thankful for my wonderful family that I’ll get to share this and all my days with. I love you guys SO much! I don’t get to *see* a lot of my friends very often but I feel like I have a good amount of them, which is nice.

What is about self-reflection that keeps us from doing it more often? Probably only speaking for myself but maybe there’s folks out there sharing my insecurities and thoughts on the subject. Perhaps it’s fear of seeing what we’d rather not see or admit? I honestly don’t think that’s why *I* don’t do it, I really don’t have a lot of demons and I’m pretty happy with my life as is. Maybe we are too busy, to caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life (that sounds like me!) to sit back and think of the past. That then begs the question, would be benefit from it? Would it hinder our progress? Make us sad, angry, discouraged?

I think living in the now and planning for the future is what works best for me. Hopefully mistakes I’ve made stick in memory easily enough that I don’t have to dwell on them for them to have taught me lessons on how to avoid repeating them. I feel like I’m barely halfway through my life and that actually makes me smile. I’m not famous or rich but I’ve done a fair amount of stuff in my life 🙂 Gained knowledge, shared it, made friends, loved, found the love of my life (hi babe!) and will raise our kids with her. Still an awful lot of stuff I *haven’t* done but I truly feel I’ll be doing most or all of it eventually and with my best friend, which is a nice bonus. It feels good to think about it.

Make it a great weekend. Happy Epiphany 😛