Where Pigs Fly

The inspiration for this post was alpacas having sex. Or maybe they were llamas. Regardless, enjoy this picture of an alpaca and let that sink in a moment.

Okay, while I’m not really here to talk about the alpacas (or llamas) getting to know each other in the Biblical sense, I will say that it was a very unexpected sight and definitely one of those things that simply cannot be unseen. I’m unsure if my 9 year old daughter saw it, or if she did whether she understood what was happening or not. I was uncomfortable and I’m SO not ready to go there yet. Anyway, what I DO want to mention was that I saw this as I was driving to my aunt & uncle’s farm to have (my second) Thanksgiving dinner last week. “Next door” to their farm is a place called The Where Pigs Fly Camp.

I think this is kind of cool because my aunt & uncle know the woman, Cindy, who runs the camp. I don’t know her and haven’t met her but it’s just a neat idea for a place and I think it’s cool my family knows her. Shut up, it is. the Camp has been set up as a place that disadvantaged children can come and get the (free) experience of camping, being on a farm, being around various animals (they have a TON of different animals there!) and how to take care of them. You can read about the Camp’s mission on their web page, which you should definitely visit.

Here is a list of some of the animals at The Where Pigs Fly Camp:

  • goats
  • horses
  • llamas
  • alpacas
  • peacocks
  • pigs
  • rabbits
  • sheep
  • turkey

and that’s not all of them! You can Sponsor an animal, helping to provide for it’s care, and they’re always looking for Volunteers. The Camp relies heavily, as I understand it, on donations and support from families  individuals, and corporate sponsor-ships. Think you’d like to help? You can find Cindy’s contact information on their website, The Where Pigs Fly Camp. They’ve located in Owensville, Missouri, about 70 miles west of St. Louis and about 50 miles east of Jefferson City. Check them out! You can tell them The Stroupe’s nephew pointed you in their direction, but it’s not necessary. I’m not getting paid for this endorsement, I just thought it was a super cool idea and wanted to share.

4 thoughts on “Where Pigs Fly

  1. Hey Sean, several months ago I wrote about just such a place in my area. Great minds, and all that. These camps are terrific. What could be better for kids than spending time caring for animals? It helps them in many unexpected ways. Around the corner from me a family has a couple of alpacas, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen them in “the act.”

    • I laughed and started to point it out to my gf then realized I didn’t really want to get into the explanation to my daughter who was in the back seat, lol. Super parenting 😉

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