New Year, same old story

It’s 2021, I just had my 48th birthday, and seditious traitors, followers of the worst President in US history just stormed, were allowed inside, and occupied/vandalized the US Capitol. Oh, did I mention there’s a potentially deadly virus rampaging across the globe? The US just hit a new record for daily deaths at over 4k yesterday. Dystopian doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Meantime, I’m expected to continue doing my mundane sales job, and to try and care about office supplies, printers, toner cartridges, and “business solutions” as if I haven’t had to work from home since March (I love *that* part by the way, I hope I never have to return to the office) while seeing my customers lose jobs, their purchasing decline, and my paychecks practically disappear. Note to self: you should’ve listened to your gut 20 years ago and never taken a commission only job. Too late!

And I’m white! So really, my life is exponentially better than roughly 40% of the US population, by default! I’ve never felt so sad/mad/depressed/hopeless by the state of my world, despite having (so far) a mostly healthy family, a roof over our head, and food on the table. I somehow manage to pay to stay connected to the Internet and have computers, smart phones, and streaming services to occupy our time as we maintain strict safety rules for ourselves, while growing increasingly tired of being required to stay home while those who have ZERO care for anyone but themselves forgo rules & regulations because that somehow infringed upon their “rights.”

I can’t even put into words everything I’m feeling right now, not coherently anyway. But as I said, New Year, same old story, I hope/plan to do more writing this year, and now seemed as good a time as any to at least put a drop in the bucket.

If I haven’t scared you off, please feel free to interact with me regarding any of my writings here. I’ll post them regardless, but it’s always more fun to interact with folks than to yell into the void šŸ˜‰