Returning to form…

I’m finally getting back into the swing of things after a week of vacation and some changes to my day-to-day life- very good ones, though with every kind of change we must make adjustments. Fellow St. Louisian David Craig blogged this morning about Change and I felt like putting down some thoughts of my own. Thanks, David, for inspiring me today, I needed a kickstart to get back in my groove.

Earlier this month I took a week off and flew on a plane, something I hadn’t done in maybe 10 years. I drove across (half) the country with my girlfriend and her dog. I invited her into my home which is now our home. Over the next six months or so we’ll be moving and melding our families even further. To say there are changes going on in my life would be somewhat an understatement, but they’re changes I wanted and changes that are improving my life.

I am still strongly feeling the desire to write and the enjoyment of blogging. I’ve had a lot of other things going on over the last couple weeks so I’ve not made time for posting or even much reading, but I will. I’m planning to give NaNoWriMo a serious go- it starts in 3 days- and continuing to share things here, participate in prompts, be a part of the online writing communities I’m involved with, and stay connected with all of my friends via the various social media outlets.

Change doesn’t ever have to mean giving up what you love if you’re open to it, flexible enough to work the changes into your life, and happy with the outcome. Sometimes we don’t get to say when and where changes occur, but I’ve been lucky enough to make these changes of my own accord. I have no plans to eliminate anything that I don’t want to leave behind. I have new people and responsibilities in my life I will embrace and champion. Hopefully the positive feelings and results I’m already experiencing will be reflected here.


100 Word Song – Faded

This weeks 100 Word Song is “Faded” by Ben Harper. It inspired the following passage. Some of you may be familiar with the setting, which you can read about in Watch Where You’re Going! As always, be sure to stop by My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog for more 100 Word goodness and all of Lance’s wonderful writing.

Without further warning, several things happened at once:

Max dove painfully to his left, seeking the shelter of a derelict newspaper stand.

Passersby yelled out, “Oh my God, he’s got a gun!” and began fleeing from Lucky’s storefront.

A shotgun muzzle flared, its blast ringing out. The tall, barrel chested man firing it grimaced at the recoil.

Where Max had fallen, the bag of sandwiches exploded in a mist of salami, bread and mustard.

Rain erupted from the sky, falling instantly in sheets, dropping visibility to almost zero,

and the barrel chested man stalked away, fading into the stormy afternoon.

I’m a Guest of the Naked Girl!

I was recently invited to be a guest by Kelly, the wonderful Naked Girl in a Dress, and by clicking that link you’ll head over to her site and read my musings on long distance love.

If you’re not already a reader of her blog (and if you were you probably didn’t need this link!) then you should be. You should also follow her on Twitter ( @NkdGirlinaDress ) and ALSO check out Studio30 Plus where she basically runs a halfway house for writers who are bloggers, bloggers who are writers, and even some writers, and bloggers too. SO much good stuff there to read and also follow @Studio30Plus so that we can all continue to share our words.

Thanks, Kelly! And thanks to you readers.

100 Word Song – Chasing Cars

He stirred as sunlight filtered slowly through gauzy curtains. Muffled laughter came from somewhere beyond the half closed bedroom door. Rubbing his grainy eyes the blurred green digits of the clock showed 7:04. Her pillow was cold, her side of the bed undisturbed.

Emotions burned away the cobwebs of not-enough-sleep, firing as if from a revolver. Anger. Resentment. Confusion. Fear. Sadness. Regret. And then click, click, all the chambers were empty.

With a vacant stare at nothing he pulled on his clothes and opening the door he found her coming down the hall.

“I was just coming to bed.”

“I’m leaving.”

Go to Lance’s blog, don’t be intimidated, he wont just start beating you up for nothing, but he will share awesome writing, and his 100 Word Song of the week, which this week is Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. It’s one of my favorite songs.