The Holidays are Upon Us

And yes, Winter is Coming. Officially, Winter is still a month away, the solstice falling on December 21st. Here in St. Louis it’s going to be in the 60’s this week for Thanksgiving which is hardly Winter-like weather. Last Winter was mild, we had barely any lasting snow, so it almost feels premature to say Winter is Coming already, but it is.

One of the ways you can tell around here is that the powers that be begin setting up for the Winter Wonderland in Tilles Park! Acres upon acres of Christmas and holiday lights strewn across a public park, over the river and through the woods, around the lake, o’er hill and dale:

You can pay (a fairly hefty sum, though I think it goes to charity?) to drive through the park and view the shining, flashing, running, festive attraction, or you can pay (an even heftier sum) to take a horse drawn carriage ride through it, but it’s worth it, especially for the little ones or if you’ve never seen the spectacle before.

I occasionally drive past Tilles Park on my way to work and you can see them working on the displays early in the month of November. Once the “show” opens for business, traffic is re-routed through the park and cars, trucks, and buses line up for miles to get in on the busy nights. Driving through this part of St. Louis County during those evenings requires more forethought than usual to avoid the traffic jams.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to live in a city where such events are possible, and I know many families who have made great memories of a trip to the Wonderland. I’m not a huge fan of the Holiday Season, though I’m big on holiday feasting- need to make sure I know the gym hours over this weekend! I hope you all enjoy your family gatherings and if you’re in the St. Louis or surrounding areas, come visit this Winter Wonderland.

This post was inspired by the weekly prompt over at Studio30 Plus. Stop by to read more entries and join us!

4 thoughts on “The Holidays are Upon Us

  1. nice lights

    same weather here in Atlanta. I just want to put the pumpkin pie IV in my arm or shoot it like black tar heroin,.

    Happy Bird and football day, brother

    • Thanks, Lance! Can the Birds take it to the Saints Thursday? I saw some “pumpkin pie shots” earlier but they weren’t exactly what I pictured in my head. There has to be a way…

  2. Living in Florida means that it never quite feels like winter. Our little town has a light display, nothing as ambitious as Tilles Park, but it does give you a bit of that Christmas spirit.

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