Slow News Day

So, for the first time this month I have nothing in particular to write about for my daily blog post. I suppose I could just be lame and skip it entirely. I did, after all, miss a day earlier in the month, though I’ve published multiple posts in a day at least once, thereby at least keeping pace with the 30 posts in November theme of NaBloPoMo. I don’t want this to seem forced and thus sort of a “cheap” post, but I’ve looked at some prompts, I’ve listened to some music, I ate leftovers for dinner, and I just haven’t been inspired. I wouldn’t say I’ve got nothing good to talk about, there’s plenty, I’m simply not motivated to say anything about any of it just now.

I haven’t been writing on my NaNo words for about a week now. I had an idea yesterday and added about 20 words to my total. Yes, 20 words. I gave up on it, knowing that I’ll pursue the idea I had for the novel and keep adding to that word total regardless of the monthly challenge. Next year I’ll approach NaNo with a plan, or maybe even an outline. Winging it just wasn’t the way for me to go.

I suppose this post today is turning into a sort of State of The Union kind of thing. A sort of, Where Am I? as we head into the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving is only 3 days away, and while I’m looking forward to the food, I could probably do without all the running around. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I do enjoy spending time with them, but sometimes I feel like I’m making appearances at one place or another just to please everyone else, though I guess sometimes that’s what you do with or for your family. A lot of us can probably relate to that feeling. Or maybe it’s just me, who’s to say?

Anyway, I probably could’ve spent more time looking for writing prompts and found something to encourage me to write a more pointed post today, a more specific piece of wit and/or wisdom, but I think this post sort of encompasses what my blog is to me. I write here about whatever is on my mind, whatever I’m finding interesting or fun or ridiculous on any given day and well, I’m just not feeling anything like that today. It’s Monday, maybe I’ll blame it on that. I’m really not all that worried about it.

2 thoughts on “Slow News Day

  1. I saw on Studio30Plus that you gave up … NaNoooooooooo! There was a person tweeting about easier chunks of writing just to get some inspiration. Have no idea who she is but it’s “word count challenge.” Just in case you REALLY don’t want to give up!

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