I NaBlo Blew It!

I missed posting yesterday, which I’m very disappointed about, so I’ve essentially failed the post-a-day challenge of NaBloPoMo. Here’s a belated tribute to our Veterans, which include my grandfather,  father, uncles, and cousins. I’m proud of them for serving, whether they chose to or were chosen.

6 thoughts on “I NaBlo Blew It!

  1. Such is life…and isn’t that really the point. If life got in the way of your posting, hopefully it was a good experience…something you can write about later. Not on a pre-determined timetable. Too much pressure does not a happy writer make.

    And anyway, coming back with the Vets is more important.

    • Agreed, Kath, thanks! The pressure of NaNo (I’ve put on myself) has really been a negative force so far. The NaBlo thing I was (am) enjoying, because the blog posts don’t feel forced. The month continues and so will I 😉

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