Missed already

Well, we’re a week into December and, much like last month, I’ve already missed a day in working towards the NaBloPoMo challenge. I’m not sorry i didn’t write a post yesterday though. I had a really nice, relaxing day at home and a great family dinner with my daughter, my girlfriend and her daughter.

Truth is, I worked on two pieces yesterday but they’re not strictly for my blog and I’m waiting a bit on them. One was a book review that I should be posting shortly, the other was an article I wrote as a guest submission on another site. I’ll be posting notification when that goes live with a link to it here.

I’ll still strive for a post day average, but right now I’m watching some football on a rainy, grey, cool Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Missed already

  1. Typically, I post once a day anyway, but whenever I’ve tried to participate in a NaBloPoMo event, I fail. I think it’s the pressure of trying to meet expectations. Family days are more important.

  2. I’m participating in less and less “things” and it’s making posting easier. I love Trifecta and will never quit that. I’m getting back into studio thirty plus. Getting my novel finished has wrecked me. I hope that will free up for, well, freedom, as well.

    keep writing, dude

    • Thanks, Lance. I’m continually inspired by writers I’ve come to know through online communities like the Studio, and glad to count you among them. Continued good luck and success with your novel!

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