I believe, do you?

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen or experienced a spirit? We watched The Dead Files on Travel Channel tonight, and it has a woman who *looks* crazy and wonders if she *is* crazy because she sees a ghost and hears a ghost telling her things.

Now, I believe that spirits of the deceased can linger and even potentially interact with the living. I’m open to believe that some people can see these spirits more than other people, but these shows make them seem, to me, so fake and staged.

This show apparently does some investigating to try and prove or disprove the existence of the ghosts, but with the use of a medium in addition to studying the recorded history of the building.

Because I believe it’s possible these kinds of things exist and can be perceived the show is kind of creepy, though it still smacks slightly of Hollywood.

No pics or videos, I’m on my phone ’cause I don’t want to miss the end, but anything Ghostbusters would be appropriate here 😉 What about you, do you believe in ghosts?

2 thoughts on “I believe, do you?

  1. I too have a belief in transitional spirits and things which occur between the dark and the dawn. I know of some incidents which defy logic. And if we believe in a hereafter, than why would it be such a stretch to believe in the not quite hereafter. Spooky stuff though.

    • I like your reasoning, Kath. In the end, the medium’s analysis corroborated the woman’s story, and combined with the history, it painted a pretty wild picture. The show was a bust for me though, because they didn’t really close it up, it simply said she went on hearing the voices but never found any evidence.

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