Thurs. Jan 12th, 2012


And ice, and horrible road conditions, because apparently the cities in St. Louis County SUCK at clearing it. And this was expected snow! It wasn’t like a surprise or anything. Pathetic. Made worse because apparently people forget completely how to drive in it. Miserable drive in to work after dropping the kid at school.

16oz energy drink for breakfast
24oz coffee

May eat a sandwich I brought for lunch, we’ll see. Lots of water expected.

Shudder to think about my car potentially not starting this afternoon after sitting outside all day. I’m spoiled by parking overnight in the garage at home. We shall see.

1 thought on “Thurs. Jan 12th, 2012

  1. Kinda feel like I cheated today >.< I brought lunch from home, but I'd sorta made "fast-food" w/a burger & onion rings! Ate that for lunch & it was delicious. Guess I needed extra today to keep warm- no walking, too cold and windy outside.I'll go easy on dinner and continue with the water today, should be fine. Feel like at this point I'm just trying to not-gain anything rather than lose anything. Hoping the losing kicks in soon. Will ramp up the gym workout this weekend.

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