Friday, Jan. 13th, 2012

Dun dun dun, Friday the 13th, unlucky day for some, already a good day for me, all things considered, because I am done with my work day @ Noon.

Mags asked if we could do Dunkin for breakfast and being in a good mood, and it’s payday, I said yes, IF we get up a little earlier. She had no trouble with that, hehe. I was asleep last night by 10:30pm, awake @ 1am, 2:50am, 4:50am, and then slept fitfully for an hour before just getting the hell out of bed and getting on with it. Don’t know why I couldn’t sleep last night- it’s been a few weeks since I’ve experienced that problem. I know I have ongoing stress that hits me in waves- I think about stuff then it receeds but then I think about it again later, meh.

SO, 16oz of some of the best coffee around and my favorite, a blueberry old-fashioned donut for breakfast today. Another 24oz of coffee (the other best, now that I grind my own Kaldi’s beans at home) will round out my morning and I don’t plan on eating much for lunch.

Looking fwd to getting back to the gym for the first day since Tuesday and I’ll go back to protein shakes in the afternoon. I’ll drink plenty of water until Noon, can’t promise anything after that. Still pretty sure I’ve not lost any weight since the 1st, but pray I’ve not gained any >.<

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