Tues. Jan 3. 2012

Today I’ve had:

24oz coffee, black
12oz water
3 pieces of fudge
2 sugar cookies
4 pieces of salted caramel
3 clementines
16oz energy drink

Walked 2mi during the lunch hour and now it’s 1pm. I will drink at *least* another 36oz of water before I leave here today.

Gym tonight, protein smoothie for dinner, is the plan.

Hopefully tomorrow’s entry will look very similar, minus all the junk >.<

25lbs by end of March is my 1st goal this year. We shall see how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Tues. Jan 3. 2012

  1. Ok, I also had 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza. As long as I only have my shake for dinner I will not feel too bad about the total crap day of eating I've had so far

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