Wed Jan 4th, 2012


After the gym last night and a protein shake for dinner, I was starving this morning, and I did what I told myself I had to stop doing to meet my goal- I had breakfast @ McDonald’s >.<  Why can’t I just NOT do that kind of crap?

So today already looks like this:

Egg McMuffin
Hash Browns
36oz coffee

I will add the rest of the day as it goes, not planning on eating more than a few clementines for lunch after walking, but we’ll see. Wednesdays are pizza nights with my daughter, so I definitely don’t want to eat a bunch of crap today like I did yesterday.

Sometimes I feel like, Why even bother? I’m going to just remain overweight and who cares? It’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone. I’m not with anyone. Meh. I have got to stop with the fast food, and keep going to the gym. I don’t go on nights I have Maggie so I am going to have to start Wii Fit again. I have to do something more if I actually want to lose weight.

2 thoughts on “Wed Jan 4th, 2012

  1. 3 clementines16oz energy drinktotal of 72oz water for the dayTonight is pizza night so it's basically a lost day, but whatever. Stop judging me!

  2. Good thing about the rest of the day, after pizza I didn't have any more calories, but I also didn't drink any more water. I'm bad about not drinking water (or much of anything, really) at home.

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