Hurry Up I’m Road Raging Over Here!

It feels a little like Monday again. >.<

I consider myself to be a much calmer, more laid back version of my former self, yet this morning driving to work, feeling a little rushed (my own fault) made me irritable and while things would’ve been just fine had everyone around me realized this and driven accordingly, I was lucky enough to get behind the one asshole who (apparently) had nowhere to be at any specific time. As he poked along I drove way too close to his back bumper, yelling and gesturing at him, sure he could see my wrath in his rear-view mirror and certain my anger would make him adjust his speed and get the hell outta my way!

Wrong. I think the guy actually tried missing every green light on purpose, just to spite me.

I didn’t bring the camera today so the photo accompaniment will wait.

I have all these thoughts about WoW during the day while I’m at work- what enchants I need to perfect my gear, that I should make a point to do ALL my dailies to make more gold, that I really should make an effort to finish at least the one random Heroic each day to get the extra JP, and also that I want to stop thinking so much about WoW at all and concentrate more on work! LOL?

I have made myself a list of the enchants I still need and the materials necessary for them. I have a feeling that TEN (10) Maelstrom Crystals are going to be SUPER expensive right now and I might as well wait until I replace the pieces- the gear I have right now is decent enough to start raiding. I’m going to miss the first (second?) officially scheduled guild raid this weekend, but I made a decision that I wouldn’t raid when I have my daughter with me, and I feel good about that choice.

I went to the gym for the first time in a while last night and forgot that it woul be overcrowded with all the Resolutionites, being right at the start of the New Year. It was too crowded to do what I wanted when I wanted so I cut the visit short. I’ll go again tonight and try like hell to stay on my schedule, I need to drop the holiday weight, and fast. I feel like a cow again.

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