Ok, so I’m a little behind schedule, already.

Yes, I realize it’s now January 3rd, and I’m just now making my first post of the New year. I can only attribute that to my extreme proficiency at Procrastination. Well not only that, I actually did stuff over the holiday weekend, but mostly that. Never mind that become less good at putting things off is sort of one of my personal Resolutions for 2011. I’m not necessarily proud that I’ve excelled at for the majority of my life, but we all have to be good at something, right? OK, we don’t have to be, but we’d like to be, yes?

Anyway, as I’ve struggled with keeping up on this blog for a couple years now, I’m going to lay out the basics of what I aim to accomplish here this year. I often wonder what in the world to write about and what other people could possibly care enough about to read, when really it doesn’t even matter. I’m not even sure I care about most of it that much, so why should you? I’m no longer going to worry about it.

I’m probably going to steal certain ideas and topics from the other blogs I read. I suppose I could say instead that I will likely be “inspired” by those entries but if I’m honest, it’ll just be stealing the ideas. Obviously, my observations and opinions will differ, but the topics may be the same. I’m going to talk quite a bit about an online, computer game called World of Warcraft. Some of you will be very familiar with it as players yourselves, and others of you may know of it only peripherally, or not at all. It doesn’t make any difference to me. It’s something I spend a lot (relatively speaking) of my free time involved in and for the most part, I enjoy it, so I’ll be talking about it.

Yes, I’m still a bit of a cynic, a doubter, and kind of curmudgeonly, despite my best efforts and the decidedly joyful things I have in my life. I will therefore most certainly be talking at length about things that I find irritating, things that bug me, and things that piss me off. That was redundant and I said the same thing repeatedly but using different words. I know this, and I think it’s funny. You might not, but again, not really as much much concern as it would be if my enjoyment of writing this blog depended on your enjoyment of reading it.

That said, please read and recommend me to your sarcastic, dry-witted friends! I’ve convinced myself I will no longer worry about who reads this or why- it’s for me that I do it- but I welcome comments and the opportunity to engage in discussion or debate about a great many topics. Share your thoughts and my link and let us all enjoy our 2011. I also plan to incorporate more images this time around as I received a very nice, portable, digital camera for Christmas and would like to record more of the world as I see it.

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