Thursday Eats: Thanksgiving Edition

Woke up from my food coma just in time to get this post up today. Here in the US we celebrated Thanksgiving today complete with the tradition of eating until we’re full up to our eyeballs. Don’t lie, you did it too.

The menu at my dad’s included:

A deep fried turkey: awesome crispy skin & so juicy, nice job Dad

Mashed potatoes & gravy

Roasted sweet potatoes: thank you for doing half w/o marshmallow, I don’t like marshmallow

Green bean casserole, a must have

2 kinds of dressing, my favorite part

Rolls, etc, and the only dim spot: canned cranberry jelly thing stuff, which was fine because it made my 9yo happy and I don’t eat that anyway.

So, dinner was a hit and I ate too much. Had both pumpkin pie AND really good pumpkin bread pudding, for dessert. It was rich, delicious, and had caramel pecan sauce, yum.

I’m very thankful for my family, and for the opportunity to do it all over again tomorrow with my mom’s side. If you’re reading and celebrated today (some of you may be Canadian) what was the highlight of your feast?

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