Asking Yourself Things

Question of the day: “How many times can you tell yourself ‘It’s time for a radical change to my lifestyle’ before it’s just stupid to keep saying it because you don’t really do what you need to do to make the change?”

I was just perusing a website,, and man did it get me revved up, lol! Could I do that? Not right now, but if I trained for some predetermined amount of time, could I do it? I’d like to think so, but the electric shock thing, man, that sounds hardcore. Would I be up for that?

Now my brain is racing thinking about all the training I’d like to do- race or no race- and all the different ways I can see my life being that would require some major adjustments to the way I live. Eating, spending money, SAVING money, raising my daughter/being a Dad, being a friend, my work habits, finding a woman to share my life with, etc. EVERYTHING is being questioned by a part of my brain that is operating individually from the rest of it right now. I’m typing words here but all of those questions and things are being hashed and re-hashed in a back room. I can faintly hear yelling of some sort, but the door is closed so I can continue functioning in the mean time…

What kinds of things do you all find yourselves questioning in your own lives? I’m sort of asking this rhetorically, but if you want to share in the comments below, please do. Engaging in conversation is one of the reasons I first started this blog, and always hoping to catch some reader’s eye and get something rolling as a result of one of my rants.

I’m not implying that I hate my life or crying about things be bad or ‘Oh, woe is me” or anything like that. I just periodically get really pumped up about possibilities and see things from different perspectives which make me step back and evaluate, you know?