One-word Prompt: Storm

This one is almost too easy considering a beast of a storm ripped through the St. Louis area just last night. While we did get crazy high winds at home that tried to rearrange all the flowers and plants on our front porch we didn’t lose power, unlike nearly 100,000 people in and around the St. Louis area.

Large swaths of destruction could be seen both on my evening commute yesterday and my morning one today primarily comprised downed branches and piles of leaves, sticks and trash but there were some major incidents of property damage as well. Some trees snapped nearly in half and one fell over this house only a few blocks north of mine.


There were several HUGE old trees downed in and near Forest Park. Sad to see such majesty felled so easily. And the property damage continued as some unfortunate citizen had gambled on a parking spot and lost.


Storms are always prevalent during the Summer months in the Midwest but it sure seems they’ve grown in intensity over the last year. Thankfully my friends and family are all safe today after Mother Nature’s wrath but She’ll be back. She always comes back.

This post was in response to The Daily Prompt.


100 Word Song – Shelter From the Storm

A fitting choice this week, with Hurricane Sandy ravaging the east cost as she did last week and so many of our friends and countrymen and women and their families trying to piece together their lives in the aftermath. Bob Dylan’s “Shelter From the Storm is Lance’s 100 Word Song. This is my submission:

Kurt stumbled down the hallway in eerie silence, the overhead lights flickering. In and out of the shadows, his bare feet slipping occasionally in pools of what, he knew not, and had no inclination to discover. He ran a hand along the wall to keep his balance and to maintain his direction.

From the darkness of an open doorway a strong, pale arm reached out and pulled him inside. The door shut quickly behind him, and suddenly all was quiet.

“Stop running now, it’s safe in here,” a soft voice whispered as a warm blanket was placed on his shoulders.