100 Word Song – Chasing Cars

He stirred as sunlight filtered slowly through gauzy curtains. Muffled laughter came from somewhere beyond the half closed bedroom door. Rubbing his grainy eyes the blurred green digits of the clock showed 7:04. Her pillow was cold, her side of the bed undisturbed.

Emotions burned away the cobwebs of not-enough-sleep, firing as if from a revolver. Anger. Resentment. Confusion. Fear. Sadness. Regret. And then click, click, all the chambers were empty.

With a vacant stare at nothing he pulled on his clothes and opening the door he found her coming down the hall.

“I was just coming to bed.”

“I’m leaving.”

Go to Lance’s blog, don’t be intimidated, he wont just start beating you up for nothing, but he will share awesome writing, and his 100 Word Song of the week, which this week is Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. It’s one of my favorite songs.