Now there’s something Meatier

Jewels over at According to Jewels once asked of her male readers, “Would you rather your woman be natural and have some curves than be bony and thin?”

My response was to say, that’s easy, Natural and Curvy all the way. I do NOT find the super skinny, bones showing through the skin, supermodel types to be attractive, at all.

When I think of the word “goddess” I do not picture a woman whose ribs, collarbones, and elbows are sticking out all over the place, I picture women like Sophia Vergara (Jewels had posted her pic, as an example of a more full figured sexy woman.)

I wanted to say a lot more but didn’t want to hog all the comment space, so I figured I’d continue it over here. Thank you Jewels, for inspiring me to write. That’s one of the best things about blogging and reading blogs and being part of online communities such as Studio30 Plus! But I digress.

I may just not be paying enough attention, but I thought society today was getting away from that image of the perfect woman being skinny and boney and moving towards Curvy, are We not? Am I not seeing that correctly? Seem like many women on today’s TV shows and in movies are more ample than in ears past. I guess I know the negative stereotypes perpetuate. “Plus” size models? Why do we have to call them “Plus?” They’re gorgeous and they’re models, can’t it be left at that? I don’t really get it.

I find this lovely lady

FAR more attractive than these women


I’m not trying to rip on super skinny women, I just don’t find them as attractive. Sure, some women (and men, I would guess) have health issues or emotional problems that lead them to starve themselves or what have you, I’m just saying I like a woman with some meat on her bones, that’s all.

I sometimes worry about my daughter (9) being too skinny because I’m constantly fighting with her to eat. She hardly eats anything! I worry about nutrition etc. I don’t ever tell her she’s too skinny, but I don’t want her growing up thinking she needs to have a stick-figure body because mainstream media depicts them all to be that way, so this concerns me far beyond the realm of what kind of woman I want to be hugging or checking out on the internet (not a bag of bones.)

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