Do you need a hero?

Rememeber when we were young, I’m talking about before we were teenagers, and there were those certain pro athletes or movie stars you idolized and were in awe of? For me it was baseball players like George Brett, Nolan Ryan, and Rod Carew. I have also always been a huge fan of Harrison Ford and he is probably my favorite actor to this day. Those guys were all much older than I was then, and since we’ve all aged, they’re all much older than I am now, but what about the players and stars of today?

Famous people have this aura, to me anyway, of being somehow larger than life, maybe removed from normal time. Now that I’ve been thinking about it though, it’s weird to read about current entertainers and pro athletes and see their ages, and think good lord, he’s younger than I am. I’m certainly not old, but I feel a bit of the mystique is gone, a bit of that untouchable quality.

When you think of your contemporaries, people who grew up in the same time you did, and there’s all these famous people the same age or younger, could you really relate to them on any level? Maybe, fun to consider I guess? Is it weird that I feel this way? Maybe I’ve just become jaded. Maybe it’s a kid thing- famous folks intimidate the young because they’re so far removed from the reality of a kid.

Maybe the problem is that in today’s world, entertainers and sports stars, the performers of the world, are splashed around in every form of media imaginable. We are given the inside look to every aspect of their lives so there really isn’t any mystery about them. Nothing to really fantasize about.

I think another problem is that the stars cannot have any fallacies with out us knowing about them. Back when I was a kid, I’m sure (I know, thanks to the internet) that ball players and movie stars did drugs, caroused, and got arrested with the best of them, but it wasn’t splashed all over, we didn’t hear about it every day! I’m not sure there’s as many stars worthy of idolization any more. Hell, even my idols, guys like Brett and Ryan, had their not-so-shining moments. See “The Pine Tar Incident,” or “Ryan v. Ventura.”

Who are the people you idolized growing up? Do the stars of today still carry the same regal air?

 Dude Write