Kirkwood Wins State!

This should’ve gone up last night but the game didn’t end til late and I was exhausted from driving over the river and through the woods to my aunt & uncle’s farm for a second turkey dinner with family. In keeping with the spirit of 30 posts in 30 days, there may be a second post tonight, we’ll see.

My alma mater, Kirkwood High School, won their first Missouri Class 5 Football Championship last night at the Edward Jones Dome here in St. Louis. It was a dominating performance and was very cool to be able to watch the game on TV. I played football briefly during my Freshman and Sophomore years in high school and I don’t remember the players being as good as they are now, and certainly the game wasn’t as complicated. Watching the coaches from both teams on the sidelines signalling in plays was quite entertaining.

Congratulations to the coaches and players for a great season, I’m proud to have gone to KHS and excited for their success.