Haiku Friday – 11/30

The month ends today.

Payday, Friday, a good day

to have a cold beer.

Brought to you by LouCeeL: Haiku Friday!


I read a bit about Haiku today before I wrote this and while mine isn’t traditional in the sense of topic or theme (it’s usually Nature) it does hold true to the 5,7,5 format of the teikei or “fixed form” Haiku and I find it quite fitting.

It came to me suddenly as I realized I still have 4 hours to be in the office before my weekend actually starts AND that while yes today is payday I’ve likely already spent most of it on bills. Good time to drink indeed! I shall raise a glass or bottle to toast tonight, and I shall think of you all! Just kidding, I’ll probably forget by then. Just kidding, I’ll never forget! Wait, what was I talking about?