Happy Endings

According to theorists studying the Mayan Calendar, the world as we know it will come to an end tomorrow, 12/21/12. You know what? I hope they’re right.

The weather in St. Louis was weird this morning. Skies were dark one moment, then the sun peeked through, then skies went dark again as the winds picked up and clouds rolled in. It rained overnight and now it’s snowing. One thing I love about a good storm is the morning after when the sky seems scoured clean, the air is crisp, and the sun reappears. Could we be in for a morning like that tomorrow?

Maybe it will take another whole day of storms to wash away the ugliness the world has been displaying lately, and maybe those Mayan Calendar theorists are on to something. Maybe the world as we know it NEEDS to end so a new, more tolerant and supportive world can begin. It would take a change of hearts and minds on a global scale to really alter the direction humanity is headed, but global change begins locally, right?

What harm could it possibly do if, as the clocks and calendars across the world tick over into Friday, we were all to start thinking about slowing down and showing each other more respect? If we all consciously stopped and took time to think about how our actions and words affect those around us? How could it be a bad thing if everyone finally gave compassion a fair shake and wanted to help each other instead of competing on every level every day?

Don’t mistake me. I’m not suggesting we stop living our lives and drop everything we do or give away our material possessions and join convents and monasteries  This is not about choosing one religion over another or the rich versus the poor. This is not about skin color or where we live. I’m talking about a very simple thing EVERYONE around the world could do to make a change. Everyone, everywhere, of every age, race, class, sexual orientation, those who believe, those who don’t, young, old, the haves and the have-nots; every human being on the planet can do this.

I challenge you to stop or slow down for a minute between now and tomorrow to really consider what you’re doing and why. Would it be bad if we were nicer to each other? If we choose to be, will the world as we know it be different?

Here’s hoping the Mayan Calendar has been correctly interpreted and the world as we know it will end tomorrow, 12/21/12. We’ll be in a better place and I feel fine about it. How will you help facilitate a change?


Returning to form…

I’m finally getting back into the swing of things after a week of vacation and some changes to my day-to-day life- very good ones, though with every kind of change we must make adjustments. Fellow St. Louisian David Craig blogged this morning about Change and I felt like putting down some thoughts of my own. Thanks, David, for inspiring me today, I needed a kickstart to get back in my groove.

Earlier this month I took a week off and flew on a plane, something I hadn’t done in maybe 10 years. I drove across (half) the country with my girlfriend and her dog. I invited her into my home which is now our home. Over the next six months or so we’ll be moving and melding our families even further. To say there are changes going on in my life would be somewhat an understatement, but they’re changes I wanted and changes that are improving my life.

I am still strongly feeling the desire to write and the enjoyment of blogging. I’ve had a lot of other things going on over the last couple weeks so I’ve not made time for posting or even much reading, but I will. I’m planning to give NaNoWriMo a serious go- it starts in 3 days- and continuing to share things here, participate in prompts, be a part of the online writing communities I’m involved with, and stay connected with all of my friends via the various social media outlets.

Change doesn’t ever have to mean giving up what you love if you’re open to it, flexible enough to work the changes into your life, and happy with the outcome. Sometimes we don’t get to say when and where changes occur, but I’ve been lucky enough to make these changes of my own accord. I have no plans to eliminate anything that I don’t want to leave behind. I have new people and responsibilities in my life I will embrace and champion. Hopefully the positive feelings and results I’m already experiencing will be reflected here.