Photo Blogging Challenge: APRIL 2020 – MY WORLD

As I said last time I wrote anything here, when I initially mentioned this challenge, I really thought I’d be spending more time here, writing more, creating more, sharing more, but it’s just not been that kind of month. It’s been weird, being home ALL the time. Not going outside nearly as much as we expected too either. My world is often my desk, and the two “common” rooms the family tends to share, where the boys play with action figures and LEGO sets and we all play Xbox games or watch TV. On sunny days, my world is the back yard, where the garden is, or the front where the rain garden is. All Kellie’s doing really, I’m just manual labor on those projects.

But this is a snapshot of our urban paradise. Neighbors mere feet away, but green and bright on good days, and yes, there’s flowers later in the year. Hope you enjoy.

Home Improvements

Because the holidays aren’t stressful enough, we’ve been completing a few home improvement projects over the last couple weekends to boot. Are we crazy? Probably, but the projects have turned out really well and look great. Kellie is an artist, a designer, and always has a fantastic vision for our home.

We live in 2-family in South City, second floor. The walls are all an eggshell (my term) white and we’re starting to inject some color. She has plans for all the walls, but for now we’ve added chalkboard paint in the kitchen:

Floating shelves are planned, and chalk art of course 🙂 That huge, blank space just made the room feel ugly. Much better now and more to come!

Speaking of shelves, we put some up just the other day in another room, but first we turned the color up to eleven in our “office” area:

You can see this wall from the living room and it really brightens the place up. We added the shelves to finally start fleshing out her studio space and give a home to many of the tools of her trade. The biggest one went up first:

And then we added a few more, as she was able to see the complete picture unfold and the result is outstanding:

We’re very happy and think it’s a great start on the space. Next will be some kind of long, flat, raised works-pace along that wall. A section of laminate counter top maybe? She’s seen a number of examples online where folks have used thick MDF. We’re big on using reclaimed materials when possible so the hunt continues!