Another New Year 2017 Edition


They just keep coming, don’t they? I suppose it’s a good thing and I’m certainly thankful to be a part of another one. It’ll officially be 44 years on the planet for this guy come Friday and while I’m probably not where I thought I’d be 20 years ago (who can remember that far back?) I’m very happy to have the life I’m living right now. It’s never easy but it’s rich, lively and I vow to get in better shape to keep up with it (no, not making a Resolution to hit the gym this year!)

As I do at the start of each new year, I’m thinking about blogging more, maybe trying the post-a-day type thing, something to get my thoughts out on a more consistent basis, though as of now I’m already a couple days behind. I’m also trying something I saw a friend on Facebook mention: short (like 2-3 seconds) videos of my life, every single day for a year, to compile and review at the beginning of the next. Very interesting and I *am* on pace for that one, so there you go.

If you’re reading this, thank you for taking the time. There’s a LOT of blogs out there, most with more direction and purpose than mine, and I do appreciate your “ear.” Please, comment and engage me during the course of the year if you read or see or hear something that strikes you in one of my posts. I tend to write these mostly for self-reflection, self-therapy if you will, but I do enjoy interacting with readers and friends. Hell, even if you’re an enemy I’ll still join you in debate.

Also as usual, I can’t (won’t) promise you’ll see anything specific on these pages. It could be a recipe or restaurant review, something about music, movies, books, or *maybe* television, though I tend to leave that category to the experts. I might share original fiction- whether generated for a Prompt or just something off-the-cuff or I might wax poetic on the woes and wonders of the St. Louis Blues. Maybe the Cardinals too, who knows?

Here’s to another new year. May it be filled with fun, love, success, happiness, good books, music and laughs.

2 thoughts on “Another New Year 2017 Edition

    • Thanks, Kath! Jury’s still out on whether my stalwart favorites (like you & Lance, for example!) are inspirations or are shaming me into getting back into it 😉 Happy New Year!

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