Another Blues Season Ends Early

THESCOTT31015This was my first season writing about the Blues over at The Hockey Writers, and unless you follow me on Twitter or are generally a hockey fan you probably didn’t read much of what I had to say there. As with my personal writing, finding the time to do it is usually my biggest challenge.

If you have a moment I’d appreciate you checking out my final post for the 2014-15 season HERE and maybe letting me know what you think of it regards to the writing. Don’t worry about the content if you”re not a hockey fan, I’m just curious to know if what I’m putting out there in the public eye is worthwhile. I’m looking for glaring mistakes and criticism FAR more than I’m seeking praise, just so you know.

I plan to continue writing there for as long as the editors will have me. Plenty of news goes on during the off-season and I may even have more to say (though I doubt it) before this season’s Stanley Cup is won. The Blues have never won a Cup but I’ll continue being a fan, can’t help it.

As always, I hope to make more time to continue my personal writing here as well, and as always, thanks for taking your time to read my words.

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