But Wait, It’s Still Hockey Season!

HOCKEYFirst of all, I hope you laughed at my April Fools post last week. I hate birds (except for raptors) and always will. I would never waste my time or yours discussing winged rats like pigeons.

Now that we’re all back to reality, I saw bits and pieces on TV last night of a show that was apparently sports. Baseball or something? Yes, it was Opening Night 2015! The indomitable St. Louis Cardinals were featured on national television facing off in the Windy City against the hapless Chicago Cubs, to a not very surprising result, a 3-0 shutout victory for Adam Wainright and the Cards.

If you know me, I’m not ready to fully dive into caring about baseball yet because, say it with me, “IT’S STILL HOCKEY SEASON!” The Blues were also in Chicago last night and also won their game versus their division rival Blackhawks. You can read all about what I think of the Blues at thehockeywriters.com

I’m glad the Birds on the Bat were able to make it a clean sweep for the day. It was fun to see the trash talking by Chicago teams prior to the action. Tweets like this:

While St. Louis was, naturally, quite pleased:

Waino was Waino, with six scoreless innings and the bullpen looked rock-solid, with a nice cameo by 5th starter Carlos Martinez who, because of days-off this week, isn’t slated to pitch until Saturday. The Cardinals also harkened back to the days of WhiteyBall with FOUR stolen bases, more than they had in all of the NLCS last season. The only downside to a rousing beat down of the Cubs and their shiny new (overpaid) Ace, lefty Jon Lester, was that Matt Adams continued his struggle facing left-handed pitching. Big City went 0-4 with 2 Ks and left 5 men on base. Not the start he was hoping for, surely, and nothing to inspire ANY confidence that he improved himself against lefties during the Spring. But as I said, it’s still hockey season and the Blues still have 3 regular season games this week. The playoffs start April 15, and until the Blues bow out I’m not likely to mention the Cardinals again.

I’ll leave with this plug: my company, Office Essentials, is an Official Corporate Sponsor of the team this year, which is great for us. You’ll see our logo in Busch Stadium and we’ll be a part of the official Opening Day pep-rally in downtown St. Louis before the home opener.  Thanks for reading, and Happy “It’s Still Hockey Season But Everyone Is Glad Baseball Has Begun!” season 🙂

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