Spring Into Change!

PIGEONARTThank you so much to all the followers and readers who take time to visit my humble blog. I know I’ve not been active much lately, but I wanted to take an opportunity to let you all know that I’m going to be changing the format of my page.

PIGEONSFrom this point forward, I’m going to only be blogging about Pigeons. Those who know me well may find this new direction strange, given my irrational hatred of birds in general, but I think it’s time to expand my horizons and take on a topic that has long baffled me.

Where did pigeons come from? What are they doing here? Why do they tend to poop all over defenseless statues in the town square? These are just some of the questions I plan to answer in the future of my blog, and I hope you will stick around and discover them with me.

Did you know pigeons like art? Neither did I!

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