Blogging 101: Love Your Theme!

This is a fun exercise from Blogging 101:

Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.

I’ve been using Piano Black for quite a while and I’ve really liked it. Maybe I was long overdue for a change but regardless, I’ve not taken much time to look and see what’s out there so this was a great nudge in a positive direction for me.

Here’s what I chose to look at today:

“1. Pick something that speaks to you.”

The simple but bold look of Flounder stood out to me. I also was instantly drawn to take a look at Eighties (though yes, it was near the top of the list and so easy to choose quickly.) Another was Bushwick, for the (radically different, for me) layout with the large cover image.

“2. Consider your content.”

I don’t rely heavily on images but I do like to include some kind of media in my posts whenever possible. The content of my posts is what matter most to me, so I ended up going with a theme I felt brings that to the forefront.

“3. Think about your priorities.”

I’m a huge fan of customization, so that played an important role in my choice. I like the freedom to add and change things around if I want to, even if I don’t do it. In the past it seemed very important to me to have all the things in the sidebar but I’ve decided it would be better for people to focus on the posts themselves.

Ultimately, I chose to change my Theme, feeling it was indeed time for a different look. The black background of Piano was elegant, but also dark, and I’m definitely feeling like my life is brighter these days, and moving in a happier, lighter direction. Current hardships feel more like temporary challenges than simply a way of life. I hope you’ll keep reading and enjoy the update as much as I do.

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