Blogging 101: Saying “Hi!”

The 3rd assignment in the Blogging 101 class is to make some new friends:

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

Community has become a big part of why I blog- to meet other like-minded writers and share stories, tips, and generally find folks who want to discuss the matters of the day. You can see my blog roll to the right of my page, and to stay true to the course I’ve added 5 more today. I’ve also written briefly on a daily prompt below, from The Daily Post:

Happy Radars

I’m usually a pretty good judge of the temperature of a room. If you’re reading this and know me and disagree, please say so in the comments! Do we (collectively) tend to put on a “good face” when we’re unhappy or feeling low? Yes. I can almost always tell when that smile is hiding sadness or anger.
Maybe because a large part of my job involves listening to people talk, listening for clues and cues as to their wants and needs, but I can usually hear the underlying sentiment even when it’s being sugar-coated outwardly. Can I read minds? Of course not, but I’m a very empathetic person.
Unfortunately, I seem to be able to communicate far more eloquently through the written (typed!) word than in face-to-face conversation, but that’s probably a topic for another chat. Or maybe for a therapist 😉

6 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Saying “Hi!”

  1. My brain just frazzles when I try to talk about emotions and feelings with someone else. Everything I say either comes out wrong, or not at all. It’s incredibly frustrating, but I have taken to writing about it all in my personal blog and at least I can get is a little clearer that way! Nice post.

  2. Same here. people often misinterpret what I say or take it the wrong way. Probably comes from growing up in a dysfunctional family – but even with awareness – unless it is a formal presentation I have written I seem to be misunderstood verbally!

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