Blogging 101 Assignment #1: Introduce Yourself

In an effort to inject some life into my stagnant blogging, I’m participating in WordPress University’s Blogging 101 class. School starts today and the first assignment is to post an introduction so readers know who I am and why I’m here in the first place. Here we go.

When I started blogging, years ago now, it was an exercise in self-therapy. I had things to say that were simultaneously clogging up my brain and keeping me from sleeping soundly every night. I decided to share some of those in a blog format though I kept readership private and for my eyes only. The physical act of typing things out was cathartic, as was being able to go back and re-read my thoughts. Could I have written them in ink or pencil in a notebook? Sure, but I’m a computer geek so I preferred the blog format. I think I knew then I would eventually open up my writings to others but had no interest or motivation for it at the time.

As I worked through some personal issues and started sharing more random, philosophical-type musings, I decided I would take down the privacy screen and allow others to read what I was sharing, if for no other reason than I didn’t want to deny anyone the pleasure of hearing my wisdom. Ha, that’s a joke, though not an especially funny one. Am I truly an egomaniac? I really don’t think so, but maybe my subconscious is in which case… well, who knows?

I always claimed I didn’t care if anyone else was reading my blog and I certainly didn’t care (then) what people thought about the things I had to say. I was writing/blogging/sharing because I found the material interesting and enjoyed the process, period. Over time though, I found I really enjoyed the idea that people, even strangers, might read my blog and then hopefully interact with me about what I’d written. I wasn’t blogging/fishing for comments, but I enjoyed being able to converse with readers, many of whom were writers too. I still enjoy the community that comes from being a blogger, even if I’m not as active as I’d like to be. I hope this class changes that.

I have written about Life, Love, Food, Sports, Parenting, Gaming, and other topics in my blog that blend between multiple genres. I’ve written poetry and fiction. I’d love to continue connecting with other fiction writers, food/cooking bloggers, and sports bloggers, and parents. I may start sharing more opinions on, as I learn more about the subject, whole foods/nutrition/natural health.

I wrote about the St. Louis Blues. I’m a big fan if you couldn’t already tell from my nom de blog, and I had the chance to write articles and opinions on a “fan site” called It was enjoyable but time consuming and I had to step back from it. I will continue sharing my thoughts on the team as the new season starts this month with training camp and pre-season games. A big part of my reason for participating in this class is to make my blog more current, more frequently read, and to make some contacts in the blogoverse/writing world that might eventually lead to getting paid for doing something I love.

2 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Assignment #1: Introduce Yourself

    • Thanks for reading! This is a great time of year for sports in St. Louis. Hockey is about to start again and the Cardinals are (as usual) getting ready for a playoff run!

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