Happy Opening Day 2014, MLB Fans!

YADICOVERMost of my writing these days is over at BleedinBlue.com where I wax poetic on the trials and tribulations of the St. Louis Blues. This year there have been fewer tribulations and a lot of success, and the playoffs are only 2 weeks away. Today is Opening Day of the 2014 Major League Baseball season for the St. Louis Cardinals who are picked by most to win the Central Division. Some even think they’ll go all the way to the World Series again.

There have been three MLB games already played, all involving the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team I loathe and for whom I wish nothing but failure and misery. Today is the real Opening Day, and the Cards are in Cincinnati for a three game series against another team worthy of intense hatred and disgust, the Reds. They’re thugs and punks and will no doubt cry, “Woe is me!” when the Cards whoop their ass this week due to a myriad of big names starting the season for the Reds on the Disabled List.

While you’re waiting for the game to start, an afternoon affair that begins at 3:10 St. Louis time, go read a very good article on the Cardinals from Sports Illustrated’s by Ben Reiter. The article is on his blog, and talks about the wealth of depth that makes St. Louis a perennial contender. Ben also has the cover story for the March 31 issue, a wonderful piece on Cardinals MVP Yadier Molina. Go get it from your local newstand, it’s good stuff.


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