Sizing Up The Cardinals in The Spring

Dan always has some level-headed things to say about the Cardinals and this post is no different. I have to say I agree with just about everything he says here, possibly excepting the Matt Carpenter deal BUT I don’t think it’s terrible, just seems like a really long deal for a guy who has had one great season.

Sure, we can expect him to be consistent, and his ability to stay healthier than Alan Craig is an important distinction between the two core members of this dynastic team.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dan, and I’ll echo your sentiment that I sure hope people can reel in their emotions during Spring games. Give it a few more weeks before you start thinking the sky is falling on the Cards- what? You all know you’ll be thinking that the first time they lose a game 😉

Dose of Buffa

Good morning folks,

Fresh off work and a hit and run with the gym, I wanted to take the chance to talk about the Cards today. While I officially cover the Cards for Sports Rants and do most of workCardinals_Spring_Base_inev_________t607 there, I wanted to take a detour and present to you a bullet round that covers the recent actions of the team. Things to remember, a fresh take on certain players and maybe a few surprises.

  • Stop worrying about Oscar Taveras’ health. Sure, the kid can’t stay healthy and is showing more signs of becoming the next J.D. Drew than the second coming of Albert Pujols but it’s still early. He hasn’t played a major league game yet and deep down, the Cards aren’t counting on him to contribute a ton this season.  They didn’t trade Matt Adams for a reason and traded for Bourjos. Insurance for the plight of…

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