Be more Human

By now many of you and much of the entire planet are familiar with the TEDx series, talks given in various forums addressing various topics, all in the spirit of  sharing “ideas worth spreading.” 

A good friend of mine, Eliot Frick, recently spoke at a TEDx event here in St. Louis and he was amazing. His topic was the humanization of business, and if you’re an employer, employee, a leader of people, or even simply a person interested in creating a better future for humanity, I highly recommend you make 20 minutes of free time to watch this video.

I’ve known Eliot since high school, and while I’ve always known him to be brilliant, his success as an entrepreneur here in St. Louis has been a pleasure to watch. In 2004 he started bigwidesky, a marketing company that has evolved into so much more. I count myself lucky that I’ve had many occasion to sit and just talk with him over the years about topics such as Artificial Intelligence, String Theory, philosophy, music and quantum physics. Authors such as Brian Greene, David Foster WallaceDouglas HofstadterRay Kurzweil and Michio Kaku are on my bookshelves because of Eliot.

He doesn’t know I’ve written this today and my intention is not to inflate his ego, put him on a pedestal or spout saccharine platitudes. He certainly deserves the praise he’s received for the work he’s done but he’s not done it alone and he’d tell you the same thing, that he’s had plenty of help along the way. This post today was simply intended to share his message, which I find profoundly inspiring. I hope you do too.


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