A beginning in an ending

I’ve been trying out Spotify Premium on a free trial and I think I really like it. Last night I was browsing playlists friends have made and I already know at least one I want to post myself some time this week. I made a soundtrack for a movie that I’ve not yet written. The inspiration came to me in a dream, quite vividly, though it was months ago. I wrote down a bunch of notes so I would remember the basis of the story, and it’s going to be something I will work on in the New Year, either as a novel or a screenplay. But at least the music for it is done 😛

Have you seen the movie Sin City? My dream had that sort of Gothic, Noir quality to it, but not exactly the same art style- it was more live action that animation- and it wasn’t black & white, I usually dream in color, but the colors were weirdly muted, almost waxy. There were puddles of what I assumed were rainwater on the roof of a building that looked so black they might’ve been tar or something.

The major players in my dream, outside of myself of course, were some kind of gangsters most resembling the Japanese Yakuza. Can I get in trouble for mentioning them? Am I on a hit list now? No one in the dream but me had actual facial features, so it’s not like I was astrally ratting anyone out. Everyone was dressed impeccably in extremely tailored, dark suits, and yes, there were swords of various types, and probably guns, I’m not 100% certain. I don’t have my notes with me as I write this.

This is more to motivate myself to work on this project, having an actual beginning of the process, than to notify anyone about it, though I know at least 1-2 actual people read this blog whenever I post something, lol. I’ll post more details about where I’m heading with it and as always I welcome feedback and your opinions, dear readers. Perhaps it will end up as some sort of collaborative effort, who knows? This is only a beginning, on a day of endings. Last day of December, last day of the 4th Quarter, last day of 2013.


2 thoughts on “A beginning in an ending

  1. I don’t dream that often, but I do always appreciate it when my brain creates something entertaining for my slumbering time, particularly if it turns into something inspiring. Best of luck with your noir and keep up updated!

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