Warrior Dash Missouri is here!

Well, almost here. It’s this Saturday, September 28, and I’m participating with a group of friends & co-workers. You can check out the Warrior Dash site by clicking the link. The event should be a blast AND it’s helping to raise money and awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a great cause on any day.

My friends and I are “In It to Finish It!” and will be sporting some snazzy orange “team” shirts, partly I think, so we don’t get lost in the mud! I’ll have to post some pictures once Saturday is here. We’ll also get cool Warrior Dash swag AND when we finish, a sweet bottle opener medal and a beer to wash down all the mud and grit we’ll be swallowing along the way. Sounds like Heaven, yes?

 Because it IS a fund-raising event, I am making it possible for people to make donations via my personal St. Jude’s page. I’ve emailed the link to many of you so forgive me again for the repetition and spam- you know I don’t do this often (ask for money) unless I really need it. HA! Kidding, the proceeds go toward finding cures for sick kids, how could you not want to help with that? 😉

Seriously though, if you donate, expect a personal thank you from me, and if you do it anonymously, thank you in advance. Even if you don’t donate, thank you for following and reading my blog, I know I haven’t been putting much up here lately, but Life has been pretty hectic. I’m hoping the good vibes and crazy energy of the Warrior Dash will rejuvenate me. Thanks again folks.


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