Blues Blogging @ Bleedin’ Blue

Today I started as the newest Staff Writer over at Bleedin’ Blue, an awesome St. Louis Blues Hockey fansite. If you enjoy my writing, follow me over there and keep an eye out for articles and game previews/reviews.

My first article is up, you can see it HERE!

If you’re not a St. Louis Blues Hockey fan, first, shame on you. Second, that’s really not a big deal. To each his or her own, as they say. I will still be writing here, it just wont be about the Blues. No worries.


6 thoughts on “Blues Blogging @ Bleedin’ Blue

  1. So long as you don’t forget how badly I want you to be writing at The Indie Chicks…you’re starting to stretch yourself thin. I mean…if you were writing for a Flyers website that would be a whole different story. 😉 Lets Go Flyers!

    • HA! To be honest, I’ve always been a Flyers fan. They’ve always been my Eastern Conf team, love me some Broad St. Bullies! I’m still working on your stuff, don’t worry 😉

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