It’s the questions

Inspired by my friend Kat over at Kat O’ Nine Tales, here is a song and some answers to questions you didn’t know you wanted to know but I just know you’ll be glad you now know. Proceed with caution.

1-Did you ever wonder how they get the “M”s on M&Ms?

Yeah, no. Sometimes I wonder why there aren’t more green ones in each bag, but then I’ve been M&Ms free for a while now, so I don’t even wonder that much anymore. Actually sort of rude for you to taunt me with the memory, thanks.
2-If you could only read one book for the rest of you life, what would you have for a snack?

Smoked almonds, definitely smoked almonds.
3-What was the first CD that you ever bought? (Not record or tape, but CD.)

So hard to remember. Using my Call a Friend lifeline on this one and he says it was probably Depeche Mode, possibly The Smiths-Meat is Murder.

4-Are you stealing your Internet? If so where are you located because I’m tired of paying for mine.

Not even. My 50Mbps cost me an arm and a leg, but it’s fast and I’m thrilled.
5-Do you think that I’m joking?

Yeah, no. I can tell by your unsettling stare you are dead serious.
6-Should I keep asking questions?

Do you honestly think we’ll keep answering them?
7-If you answered “no” to number 6, why did you read this? If you answered “yes”, are you mental?

If you have to ask ~sob~ ~choke~ I guess you don”t really know me at all!
8-If you answered number 7 yet said “no” to number 6, are you a Cthuhlu? If you answered “yes” to both number 6 and 7, then you are probably me 

That is highly improbable, and would likely result in some sort of tear in the fabric of Space and Time.

9-I talk to myself.


10-Number 9 wasn’t a question unless you are me, then you know what I was asking.


11-Are you sleeping okay, dear?

Much better lately, actually. Sometimes the dreams wake me. And the screams. Maybe it’s the screams in my dreams? Just kidding, I don’t sleep.

2 thoughts on “It’s the questions

  1. i answered mine over at kat’s place. was meat is murder available on CD in 1986? i bought my first CD in 1989. wow…long time ago

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