Forty Already?

The picture is in honor of today being WildCard Weekend in the NFL, and to the fact I spent most of the past two days watching all four games. I can’t say they all turned out the way I’d guessed, or hoped they would, but I don’t have any real emotional investment in any of the playoff teams this year, so that’s not a big deal. The Ravens won, for which I’m glad, but otherwise none of the outcomes were too terrible to accept. I say this knowing that I can’t stand the Seattle Seahawks, but ah well, I can always hope they lose the next one.

It’s largely been a very relaxing weekend, culminating in today, January 6, which happens to be the Christian holiday of Epiphany.  I wont go into the whole explanation of it, but today is also my birthday and I’ve always thought it was interesting to have been born on this day. I suppose 40 is one of those “milestone” type of birthdays and while I’m not feeling any sadness or depression or anything dramatic and clichéd over it, but I am feeling reflective about my life and where I am now that I’ve turned 40.

I remember an art project from back in Middle School, maybe in seventh grade, where we had to imagine ourselves in the future and create a collage of things we thought would represent our lives at age 30. I think I had a man in a suit, maybe a Ferrari, piles of money, etc, lol. I guess I had big goals for myself. I can’t say I could’ve predicted I’d be where I am today, ten years beyond that, at the age of 40, but I CAN say I’m pretty damn happy about where my life has taken me. Sure, the trip has been bumpy, but it’s currently pretty wonderful.

Like my life, I think this blog has seen some low moments and has gone around interesting twists and turns, but as it turns out I’m quite happy with what it’s grown to be. A year ago I was using it to try and keep a food journal, which was mostly just berating myself for my poor dietary choices. There were moments of self-therapy and of course self-doubt. I bemoaned the fact there likely weren’t any readers and how I was bitching about my life to myself, which is kind of disturbing, although I know I’m not alone doing it. These days I’m writing more, I’m writing short stories, I’m involved in writing communities (thank you Studio30 Plus!) and I’ve made a ton of great writer and blogger friends online.

My girlfriend said she was proud of the progress I’ve made and you know what? I’m proud of myself too. I’m not really going to do a “look back on 2012,” post, but I will say I plan to do new things with my blog and my life this year, and I’m excited about where the next stage of my journey will take me.

8 thoughts on “Forty Already?

  1. Happy Birthday. I turned 40 in september, 2010. I didn’t handle it well. Ageing is what you make of it.

    My wife, like your girlfriend, provides perspective.

    I enjoy your writing, twitter, and book o face. Keep it up, young man.

  2. I handled 40 better than I thought I would, though it still stung. Having just happened 4 months ago it’s still fresh, like a bruise that you keep touching to make sure you can still feel pain at this advanced age.

    It does suck knowing you’re less than a decade from being 50 though right? Especially when you think about how fast the last 10 years went…. Happy late b-day!

  3. Age is but a number. I haven’t reached 40 yet, but it’s quickly approaching. I hope by the time I get there, I’m a lot happier and secure then I am now. And then, possibly, I’ll take it as well as you seem to have done. 🙂

  4. I’m right behind ya, Sean! Will be 40 in a a few months.

    I’m happy for the growth of your blog and your writing, and it’s sort of a road that takes itself somewhere as meaningful as you want it to be. I’m glad to have made a connection with you in the blogosphere, and I’m grateful for S30P as well! Here’s to another great year in blogging, my friend!

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