Young for old(er?)

A week or so ago, I heard of a (new to me) band called Grouplove. They were to perform on Conan and while we didn’t watch the show, my girlfriend’s teenage daughter said they were a favorite. I asked her what kind of music they played and she couldn’t come up with any other band names but I, “probably wouldn’t know them ’cause they’re Indie Rock.”

[insert eye-roll here]

I wanted to tell her that I’d been listening to Indie Rock longer than she’d been alive, but I held my tongue. Instead, I decided to look them up and see what kind of sound they had.  In doing so, I found this really cool website, which may or may not be new to any of you, but I’d never seen it before. It’s called tastekid, and it helps you find similar interests in music, movies, books, TV shows and games. It’s very easy to use and I encourage everyone to go check it out.

I went there to see what other bands it thought sounded like Grouplove and found a gem, Young the Giant. Again, new to me though not new to the Indie scene, they’ve been around almost ten years. I’m disappointed it’s taken me this long to listen to them, but if you haven’t you should check out their debut album. I’m not (quite) and old dog yet, but I think this Young music suits me just fine. Here’s a sample:

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