Three words for 2013

Inspired by Mel at According to Mags… , here are three words that embody my goals for the New Year:


This one covers a lot of ground. I plan to be more creative this year, better organized, and more committed to doing what I love to do. It will require changes to my routine, prioritizing, and a continually positive attitude, but I am eager to do what it takes to stay true to my goals.


Dove-tailing in with the first one, this word means I’m going to believe that I can do whatever it is I set out to do this year. Some of my goals are personal but many of them involve my family and I plan to work together with them and my friends to make things happen. This also encompasses my religious faith in which I plan to become stronger and grow with.


I say almost every year that I am going to finally quit procrastinating so often and while the sentiment is no different in 2013 I feel better prepared, more suited to actually living up to this goal. I’m not going to wait around to do things. I’m going to be more pro-active with my life and see if I can help those around me do the same along the way.

What three words would you use to describe your new beginning this year?

4 thoughts on “Three words for 2013

  1. What strong words you’ve chosen. You have a great attitude toward them. Can’t wait to see what you write! Great start. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out and Happy New Year!

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