100 Word Song – Criminal

The heavy doors of the freight elevator slid open with a bang loud enough that everyone in Ralphie’s apartment stopped talking and turned, almost as one, glancing expectantly in the direction of his front door. Footsteps echoed in the hallway as they approached. There was a firm knock. Once, twice. Then silence.

Max stood closest to the door but hesitated to open it. He turned his head, seeking Ralphie and some sign of direction, maybe a nod or even a word but Ralphie, wide-eyed, simply shrugged. Max sighed. The knock came again, more earnestly.

“Chicago PD,” said a clipped voice.

This weeks 100 Word Song is Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.” Be sure to head over to Lance’s blog to read all the submissions and check out the inspiration for this week’s selection. 

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