I’m a horrible person

I’d seen Tosh.0 before but the other night was probably the first time I’d actually sought it out in the Guide and was glad to find it on at the time. I’ve never really cared much for the guy or his humor but lately, I dunno, something about his delivery maybe? I’m beginning to find his shtick hilarious. He shows terrible things and says awful things about people and I’m finding myself laughing and laughing. What the Hell is wrong with me??

Just kidding, I’m not worried, but if you know the show, then you know the kinds of stuff I’m talking about, and I felt the need to share two of them from recently aired episodes reruns that had my girlfriend and me nearly in tears. You know how it is! The stupidest crap is always so much funnier when you’re watching with someone and both laughing your asses off and can’t stop. And it’s better worse when someone is getting hurt, right? The whole America’s Funniest Video syndrome thing? Some of those people look seriously injured, yet the audience is screaming with laughter. It used to bother me, but now I think my filter is broken.

The first one is funny to me primarily because of the sound, so you have to watch with headphones on or the volume turned up. Sure, it’s a visually striking (oh wow, I hadn’t even planned that and it’s awesome) but it’s the sound of it that gets me. Every time:

That last one, oh shit, lol. Right. In. The. Middle. Of. Her. Face. Good grief. I sort of feel really bad for thinking this is so hysterically funny. I guess it’s the stupidity factor. Stupid can be seriously funny.

The second one looks even worse, I think, but maybe not, you be the judge:

I know, right?? What kind of degenerate thinks that’s FUNNY?? I do, for one, so I suppose I’m a bad person. I don’t feel bad, but my God, that dude got SMOKED by that truck! Supposedly he didn’t even break any bones, which I’d almost like to say is why I’m okay with bursting into laughter every time I see the video, but it’s not. I just think the absurdity of it is comedy gold.

Don’t judge me, you laughed too, I could hear it from here.

6 thoughts on “I’m a horrible person

  1. Oh my god, I’m such a wuss, I can’t handle the first video, so I didn’t even watch the second one! It’s going to look a lot different when her face swells twice it’s regular size and her eyes get swallowed by her nose, then a “cute” black eye. That backfired big time. It’s like those moments you think back and say, what the hell was I thinking, and you are glad nobody else witnessed your stupidity, but instead, for them everyone did…whoopsies.

  2. I love, love, love anytime someone walks into a door, gets smacked by something flying by…anything like that. But these girls, god I don’t think I want to drink what they were. It was funny though…especially that last one BAM. cool.

    The second was more scary than funny. Thankfully he’s not dead.

    That first one is priceless, thanks for finding and posting.

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