Quite a Catch

My friend Jewels once posted about the reasons she would want a man in her life and listed (some of?) the things he would be able to do for/to/with her if she found him. This was almost a year ago and she has written much on the subject of relationships since then, but having recently seen her post, I wanted to share a few of the reasons why I feel I’m a good catch.

For the record, I’m taken. I hope my girlfriend doesn’t dispute any of these things- I’m not trying to brag, just being honest. I’m awesome! And modest, did I mention that? Anyway, if you read the post over at According to Jewels, you’ll see this list is based on the one she made:

  • Yes, I’m pretty good at the sex (J listed it first, that’s the ONLY reason I did!)
  • I HATE spiders but I still accept the job of killing the ones in the house so my gf doesn’t have to
  • I cuddle and enjoy it
  • I’m pretty handy when it comes to fixing various plumbing/electrical issues around the house
  • I will shovel my gf’s car out in the morning and scrape her windows before she goes outside
  • I would totally protect my lady from shark attacks (that’s weird, J, weird)
  • I love to cook, and I love my gf’s cooking and I love that we both love it
  • I gladly bring my gf a beer or glass of wine, even if I’m not drinking
  • I’m glad to disagree with, debate with, and maybe even bicker light heartedly with my gf. Agreeing on everything is boring.
  • I have strong hands and rub my gf’s neck/back/hands/feet as requested
  • I spoon in bed, or stay on my side; I can do both comfortably
  • I have strong hands to open stubborn jars
  • I love to drive so my gf doesn’t ever have to unless she wants to
  • I will accompany my gf to events where she needs a +1
  • I change flat tires, pump gas, clean winshields etc
  • I enjoy holding hands, touching my gf’s arm/shoulder/back as we walk in public
  • I enjoy watching TV and movies with my gf
  • I will challenge my gf and push her to excel
  • I will call my gf on bullshit
  • I want to share my gf’s interests but also have my own. Again, agreeing on everything is boring
  • Parents (especially Moms) tend to love me (at nearly 40 this may be more a benefit for me than my gf)

There are undoubtedly other things I bring to the table, but because I’m modest I will refrain from mentioning more. Guys, I hope this list perhaps helps you realize everything YOU contribute to your relationships. Ladies, I hope you are sufficiently jealous see in this list many traits of your men, and are sufficiently appreciative.

I’m hear to help you, my friends. Always remember that.

7 thoughts on “Quite a Catch

  1. Color me sufficiently jealous! Great list…although I’d love to hear your original ones…don’t stop bragging, it’s great to know your strengths.

    However, I would like to comment on something. I don’t think it’s strange at all to want to be protected from sharks! Do you know anyone who would say, “Nah, it’s cool, honey, I got this great white…you get the next?” I didn’t think so! Jump in the chum cloud and take one for the team. mwah…love ya baby…i mean stubby. <–said to my imaginary boyfriend not you…I know you are taken.

    Now, I'm off to check my land locked backyards for land sharks…because you can never be too careful.

      • It’s not about frequency. It’s about a deep fear in my childhood after being tired to a bed and forced to watch Jaws at the age of 7 while at the shore (my cousins are evil). I need to know my man will take a shark bite to protect me. I’m aware it’s NEVER going to happen…but so long as he’s willing to….then he’s got my heart.

  2. And you’re taken. As soon as I saw the “gf” stuff in there I thought, “WTF!?” Then I got over it and just started feeling a little jealous. Then I got over that and want to say the following…

    You’re lucky to have each other! Good man! (pat on the head) Now about that wine…

  3. I’m sufficiently jealous. My bf does most of the things on your list. He’s not good at fixing things, and he doesn’t care to cook, or rub my neck unless I beg. But he’s an all around good guy. I guess I’ll keep him in spite of the couple of inadequacies. I’m sure I have my own. In fact I know I do. Sounds like you have a lovely relationship and that makes me happy for you. I have a couple of friends going through a divorce right now so this is a pleasure to read. You are quite a catch!

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