Wednesday Eats, Another Review

It occurs to me that I’ve sandwiched a disgusting post about dirty toilets with posts about food, but I kind of like that about myself. Dare to be different, or something. I didn’t use the bathrooms at either restaurant so I can’t say there’s a connection. Anyway…

Had another opportunity to dine out Monday night, this time at a neighborhood Italian “pizzeria & trattoria:”

It’s a very warm, cozy, comfortable little corner place with an upscale menu serving everything authentic you’d expect when you think Italian food.  They advertise supporting local farmers and list the ones whose food they serve and note most of them can be visited via various farmers’ markets around town. St. Louis is big on those markets, one small reason I enjoy living here.

The local farms are featured in the specials but our party opted for menu pasta standards though the quality and taste of our dishes was anything but. Everyone enjoyed their meal and I can say the Eggplant Parmesan was *excellent.* Huge portion of roasted, very lightly breaded layers of eggplant, in a delicious red sauce over spaghetti.

Not an actual image of my dinner but the portion size isn’t far off

We shared (comfortably between 5 adults) an Arancini appetizer that was bigger than a softball, cheesy and served with a just-spicy-enough bolognese sauce. When entrees were served we half-joked about the portions being so big we couldn’t eat everything since we’d already been plied with garlic knots, buttery and a little too dense for my taste, but still a nice variation on a basket of bread.  I commented that I likely *could* eat all of mine, though probably *shouldn’t.* In the end, I *did* because it just tasted too good to stop.

We had a wonderful, mellow, California red wine with our meal and had a really nice time in general, enjoying lively conversation with folks we care about. The restaurant is kid friendly and, even better than the food (which again was outstanding,) was the service.

If you live in or are visiting the St. Louis, MO area, I HIGHLY recommend stopping to indulge in lunch or dinner at Onesto, who is not paying me to say any of this, it’s just that good. You can link directly to their website through their logo above, which I hope I don’t get in trouble for using, lol. The staff was fantastic and took such good care of us that I know I’ll be going back there, and often.

Visit Onesto at 5401 Finkman Street, St. Louis, MO 63109

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Eats, Another Review

  1. This made me really hungry! I love good Italian food. Spoiled up here in Chicago that way but should I find myself 5 hours south, this will be a must. Off to eat! Thanks a lot!!!

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