Dirty and Gross

I’ve done the single guy with a bachelor pad thing , so I know a thing or two about cleanliness, or lack thereof as the case might be. I’m a pretty clean guy though and I tend to keep my apartment clean in all the right places (except for dusting, which I hate, but is very important, don’t shirk that like I do) particularly the kitchen and bathroom. Having my daughter living with me half the time makes this both more important and tougher to do, but we manage. I’m not living alone anymore (thank you God!) and I’m glad to say my girlfriend is also well versed in cleanliness, so we shouldn’t have too much to worry about in that regard.

Let’s change scenes then to the Men’s room at my office. I cannot understand how it gets so filthy! I don’t typically like discussing the bathroom, but let’s be honest, we all go, hopefully on a regular basis throughout our days. Few things gross me out or consternate (not constipate, though it often makes me wish I didn’t have to go) me more than going in a stall to see it look like there’d been a potty training 4 year old in there hosing down the toilet.

ONLY ADULTS WORK AT MY OFFICE. There are no 4 year olds peeing in our bathroom. Maybe it’s because the guys who work here all have someone else at home cleaning their toilets for them, I don’t know, but good grief it’s disgusting.

Another thing that apparently is impossible to do it CHANGE THE EFFING TP ROLL WHEN IT’S EMPTY. I’ve conducted experiments to see how long a new roll would sit ON the dispenser without being properly changed. The answer is FOREVER. Well, we DO have a service who comes in to clean the bathroom and they replace the rolls when necessary but guess what? It’s super easy to do. It takes maybe 30 seconds. I hate being the only one who does it!

I know there will be some people (you know who you are) who will chalk this up to me being a grumpy old man. I’m really not. Some of my bitching and moaning is just for effect because ranting like a stereotypical elderly man (Get off my lawn, damn kids!) is funny. But someone please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way about the bathroom at work. Ugh.

I’m still keeping up with the NaBloPoMo 30 in 30 challenge, are you?


8 thoughts on “Dirty and Gross

  1. Sorry to tell you, but women using work bathrooms are not much better. The disgusting long hairs that never wash down the drain … ugh. Maybe it’s because Momma ain’t there to clean up after them.

    Have you seen the movie “Trainspotting?” Perhaps the most disgusting toilet in all of England!!! Your pic totally reminded me of that.

  2. So yeah – the women’s rest room isn’t much better usually but I am ever so thankful for the gal that keeps up the facilities during the day because they are 100x cleaner than most Wal-Marts. Side thought. There are 24 stalls in the main restroom, 12 on each side. I notice that all the women are very careful to try and space themselves out so there is an empty stall beside them. Do men do that?

    • Men do the spacing thing, but our bathroom at work has 2 stalls & a stand alone wall-commode. The whole thing is maybe as big as a mini-van. When it’s full, it’s pretty uncomfortable lol

  3. I tend to think the “changing of the toilet paper roll” is somehow lost on men in general (thankfully, my bf is very mindful of this however). It drives me bonkers.

    And what’s up with the bathroom at your job?? Sadly, I have seen things in the female bathroom at work that would make your hair stand on end. SERIOUSLY! YUCK!

    • Having been the only one in my home for a long time, it just comes natural to me to change the roll, who else would do it? But at work? I’m not the only one there, it’s just makes no sense

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