100 Word Song – Shelter From the Storm

A fitting choice this week, with Hurricane Sandy ravaging the east cost as she did last week and so many of our friends and countrymen and women and their families trying to piece together their lives in the aftermath. Bob Dylan’s “Shelter From the Storm is Lance’s 100 Word Song. This is my submission:

Kurt stumbled down the hallway in eerie silence, the overhead lights flickering. In and out of the shadows, his bare feet slipping occasionally in pools of what, he knew not, and had no inclination to discover. He ran a hand along the wall to keep his balance and to maintain his direction.

From the darkness of an open doorway a strong, pale arm reached out and pulled him inside. The door shut quickly behind him, and suddenly all was quiet.

“Stop running now, it’s safe in here,” a soft voice whispered as a warm blanket was placed on his shoulders.

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